Comfy Spring/Summer Outfits for Home & Beyond

Now that the weather is warmer on a more consistent basis you may be wondering what’s comfy to wear around the house that’s not sweats or p.j.’s.

And once our restrictions are lifted, what kinds of outfits will be just as comfy as what you’ve gotten used to but look a bit more polished?

Luckily, there are more comfortable, cute clothes on the market than every before. Many of the clothes hint at athleisure, but they’re more stylish…a bit more put together.

I created 3 different looks to give you some ideas of what you can wear for your personal style!

Comfy Spring/Summer Outfits for Home & Beyond

Who says dresses have to be dressy? A summer dress is often the coolest thing you can wear! Can you say maximum airflow? And a loose style like this doesn’t even come close to your tummy. Can you say bonus?!

If you think about it, a light summer dress is a bit like a nightgown, but throw on some accessories and you’re ready to head into town. (Don’t forget your matching gingham mask!)

Just click each photo to shop…I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support!

 I adore drawstring shorts and pants. The ones below are made from Tencel and linen. Tencel is a part man made/part natural fabric and is soooper soft! The linen, which is nice and cool, gives them a bit of structure and style.

If you’re worried about linen wrinkling, relax! Linen is supposed to look wrinkled. All of these pieces are from Splendid…one of my favorite brands EVER.

Every Splendid piece I’ve ever had has been beyond soft and has worn like iron. (Hmm…I think that’s my mom’s phrase, lol.) In fact, I still have a Splendid tank top I bought in 2008-insert gasping emoji!


Lastly, wide leg pants are super comfortable. Like the dress above, they’re loose and airy—much cooler and less constricting than skinny jeans and pants.

As you can see, I paired the floral wide leg pants with a knit top that’s oh-so-comfy for at home. And I added a much more structured top to wear once we’re able to get back to our offices. And for fun, I added at home shoes and a higher heel to wear out and about.


Whether you prefer a dress, shorts or pants, all of these outfits are fabulously comfortable and cool for spring and summer. Wear them at home for now and feel polished and colorful. And later when our normal lives resume, you’ll look just as stylish wearing the outfits for your favorite outings.

Over to you…which is your favorite outfit?

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3 comments on “Comfy Spring/Summer Outfits for Home & Beyond

  1. I LOVE the dress & wide legged pant ideas. You can wear them both really casually or dress them up! I need to do some shopping. Thank you for putting these looks together!

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