Cold Shoulders for every age and all bodies

cold shoulder tooAre you resisting one of the hottest, easiest and most comfy trends of the season? That’s right– the cold shoulder trend is fun and very easy to wear! Even if you think you’re too old to wear the trend, think again! No matter what your age, your shoulders are still a gorgeous body part.

We haven’t seen cold shoulders (at least I haven’t) in fashion history before, which leads me to believe you might not be sure how to wear them for your body type. Here are a few tips for every different body types so you can start exploring.

How to wear the cold shoulder trend for your body type:

Inverted Triangle (That’s me, so I like to start with it!)

I feel like I’m quite late to this trend’s party, because with all of the body shape expertise I have, I was absolutely positive it would make my torso look huge! And then when I mustered up the courage to actually try it, I fell instantly in love. Here is my first purchase.

Dana's cold shoulders

Cute dress, bad selfie!

*You’ll have to trust me…the dress is much cuter in real life—bad fitting room selfie!

A cold shoulder dress or top with a v-neck will definitely be the very most flattering, but surprisingly the higher necks work too. I find that rather than making your body look wider, your onlooker’s eyes are stopped at your beautiful shoulders! I always wear a long, pendant necklace to create an artificial v-neck.

A fitted or slightly fitted style is best if your bust is full. You’ll want to keep your necklines fairly simple and avoid stripes.

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Your area of trouble is your tummy, so drawing attention away from your middle and up to your gorgeous shoulders, arms and face with cold shoulders is an amazing way to go. Look for styles that float over your stomach like this top. You can afford all kinds of neckline detailing.

Florence Flair Halter Top, In the Navy (Women's Plus Size)

A floaty cold shoulder dress like this one is perfect for an apple! (Love the color!!) Here’s how to wear the dress below to work.

Racy Faux Wrap Dress, Violet (Women's Plus Size)


The cold shoulder trend is great for you because all eyes are on your upper body and not on your hips or booty. The wider you can make your upper body look, the better. Look for bright prints, butterfly sleeves and tons of details on the top.

Fitted styles are best for showing off your flat stomach.Choose a solid color for your skirt or pants. Nope, I’m not relegating you to black pants/skirts. Simply opt for a darker shade than your top.

Cold shoulder fit and flare dresses are your best friend!

Audrey Lace Dress, Bourdeaux (Women's Plus Size)


Your aim is to ALWAYS show off your waist. Almost any style top is going to work for you except ones that are have gathers at the bust line, are baggy through the waist or can’t be tucked or belted. You’ll be super flattered in a fit and flare dress like the one above or a ruched style, (so Diane von Furstenberg,) like the one below. Either way, it’s all about highlighting your hourglass figure!

Bianca Ruched Dress, Porcelain (Women's Plus Size)


For you, it’s all about creating some curves. One of the best ways to do this is with ruffles. A chiffon wrap dress like this is perfect for you! Not a floral kind of gal? Never fear, the oh so stylish dress is available in solids, too!

Barcelona Wrap Dress, Raspberry Cooler (Women's Plus Size)

Your best cold shoulder tops have small straps and ruffles that drape over your bust. Pants with details at the hip and seat, that fit you to a T, will complete your look. A top with a fabric self belt will help you create a smaller looking waist…viola! An hourglass figure!

If you’ve put off trying the cold shoulder trend, I encourage you to get started right away. As you can see, there’s a style for every body type, and of course, it’s a trend that’s great at any age! Viva la cold shoulder!

If you’re still not quite sure about the trends of the season and would like help fitting them into your wardrobe without being too trendy, contact me or set a time to chat. I’ve been updating professional women’s wardrobes for over 13 years. I’d love to help you take the stress out of getting dressed and be your very best YOU! 

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