Coats-my necessary evil!

I have to admit, I don’t really like wearing coats. Strange for Colorado, huh? I like looking at coats, but not wearing them. Luckily, contrary to popular belief around the country, there aren’t many days here in the winter that you need a heavy coat. Nevertheless, I’ve found that no matter how hard I try to deny it, we need coats! Last year I was really excited to find a lightweight winter coat. Unfortunately, I learned it’s not warm enough!So…I found myself coat shopping at the big sale at Macy’s over the weekend. It led me to thinking about what’s important to consider when you’re shopping for a coat. Here are a few thoughts to ponder:

-Do I wear mostly pants or skirts? A car coat is fine if you rarely wear skirts.
-How dressy are most of my clothes?
-What’s my body shape? Will a fitted coat suit me or is an A-Line better for my figure?
-Will I wear jackets and bulky sweaters under my coat? If so, be sure to try the coat on over both.
-What’s my personal style? Am I more sophisticated or sporty?

Here are some great coats:

This one is great for a triangle figure. The double breasted style widens the upper body. The a-line bottom accommodates hips and thighs.


Great for an inverted triangle, the wide sleeves will visually widen the hips, balancing the figure.

This is a simple, sophisticated style that flatters many body types.

What an amazing color! This a a great car coat for business casual and would be hot with dressy jeans and boots.(I put this on my wish list!)

Photos Courtesy: Macy’s, Nordstrom

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2 comments on “Coats-my necessary evil!

  1. Hi Dana – I work downtown in a metropolitan city and travel between buildings for meetings during the day. I am looking for a car coat in black that is lightweight and classy. I am not looking for wool, but think that something with thinsulate would work well. Any suggestions?

    Dianne M.

  2. Hi Dianne,

    You might try looking for a trench coat with a zip out lining. I’ve seen several this season that are the car coat length but am not sure of the lining. I’m not sure of your figure or budget, but you might try Burberry or even London Fog. Are you sure you don’t want knee length since you’ll be outside so much?

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