“Clinton Makes Fun of Her Fashion Sense

According to an article in US Weekly, Senator Hillary Clinton admits her fashion sense is not nearly as sharp as her political instincts. As an image consultant, I have to agree, but truly, I have so many mixed feelings about this issue.
(Click on the link above to read the article and see several old photos of Clinton where she has made humorous comments about her fashion choices.) Of the coat on the right, she says, “I’m a big believer in recycling–even carpets!”

First, I appreciate the fact that she can make fun of herself. I mean, she’s usually pretty dry, as many politicians are, but the fact that she wasn’t too threatened to make jokes about her clothes lends a certain charm and “everyday woman” quality to her.

On the other hand, (and you’re not going to believe an image consultant is saying this,) it drives me nuts that the media is making any mention of her clothing. Doing a bit of research for this blog post, I Googled “Hillary Clinton, fashion.” Quite a few articles came up. I failed to find any articles with the media bashing any of the male candidates. Why is “fashion dissection,” limited to women? Hillary Clinton may not win any fashion awards, but other than the above pictured coat, her clothing isn’t wretched! The reality is that society is still focused on women’s clothing and not men’s.

Back to my other hand though, Hillary Clinton is campaigning for the President of the United States! She admits she has poor fashion sense, so why wouldn’t she use an image consultant to dress her and show her at her very best at all times? Using a seasoned political image advisor, Hillary could easily manage her image to where it’s a non-issue or at the very least, create a buzz about how amazing she looks. Honestly, she has much more important issues to think about than what to wear.

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