Clinton Kelly Makes Over Denver

I just got back from seeing Clinton Kelly (from TLC’s What Not to Wear) “Makeover America.” at Macy’s. The turn-out was amazing and even more amazing were the transformations that Clinton performed on 15 Denver women!

The show started out with C.K. offering to do a couple of audience member style critiques. First to jump up on stage was a blond haired woman wearing a black zip up hoodie with kangaroo pockets and black jeans. He first told her that black was not “her” neutral. She was washed out in the black and needed to look for a softer neutral such as navy or khaki. Next he told her that hoodies do nothing for anyone, and the pockets just give us a kangaroo pouch!

Our next volunteer was wearing a pair of jeans that were far too saggy in the seat. Kelly stressed the importance of fit in a great looking jean. He claims that making your butt look great is really the only reason to wear jeans. This subject was also wearing a bright colored, horizontally striped t-shirt. While horizontal stripes aren’t always the worst thing, Clinton emphasized that they can tend to make most women appear a bit wider than they really are. He went on to tell her that her particular shirt was “a little bit Bert and a little bit Ernie!” These tops look like “little boys t-shirts,” not a great look for any woman.

By the way, that’s me at the show. My good friend Barry Meriash, a portrait and commercial photographer was there documenting the day.

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