Classic vs. Trendy

The other day, I read the advice that to keep your closet fresh, your clothes should be 70% classic and 30% trendy. I thought this made sense, but I have a couple of tweaks. Thirty percent trendy is a pretty big chunk of your closet. Trendy clothing is extreme and won’t last more that a season or two. It could be expensive to replace 30% of your wardrobe every year!

Instead, I recommend 10% trendy and 20% fashion forward. Fashion forward clothing is interesting and fun. These pieces are not necessarily classics, but you won’t look out of date wearing them a few years down the line.

That brings us to the classics, styles that will be fashionable for at least 5-10 years. Some classics can be worn even longer, but truly, there is no classic that can be worn “forever.” Silhouettes and fabrics change over the years, and it’s important for your image to wear updated, modern silhouettes. I also like to advise my clients to make sure that most of their classics are also basics. Basics are pieces that are relatively simple without a lot of design details. They combine easily with the highly styled garments and allow you to easily create your own look!

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One comment on “Classic vs. Trendy

  1. Dana, I couldn’t agree more about that fine tweaking. The Fashion forward sounds like a great concept to give us some details on. FUN is really what we mean and I get it that we shouldn’t have stuff from the Junior department when we are over 40 …ish, even if I think it is cute. Thanks for the reminder.

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