Buy accessories you love.

I usually give the advice to only buy complete outfits, and don’t buy something unless you are absolutely certain you’ve got something at home to go with it. As I was getting dressed yesterday, I realized this doesn’t hold true for accessories.
Here’s my advice on accessories. When you’re shopping and you see an accessory you absolutely, positively love, BUY IT! We all tend to gravitate towards our favorite colors or basic colors, so chances are very good that when you buy an accessory you fall in love with, it will work with several things in your closet. The thing I’ve come to love about accessories is that they don’t have to be a 100% perfect match with your outfit, and in fact, it’s usually better that everything isn’t perfect. (Perfection tends to look too contrived and a bit old fashioned.)
Let me give some examples. Yesterday I decided to wear my new Chaiken, charcoal gray pencil skirt. I paired it with a black, ballet neck sweater, (a favorite that I’ve had at least 5 years.) I then added black patterned tights, (with an open weave,) and red, patent leather, peep toe platform shoes. I don’t really wear a lot of red, but when I saw them, I knew they’d be perfect to pair with almost any black dress or skirt. It happened to be gray in this case.
The outfit still needed something. I was picturing a long, pearl necklace, but I’m truly not much of a pearl girl. So instead I added a grey and black, chiffon printed scarf with black tassels. It was amazing! I bought the scarf on a leap of faith, knowing it would always go with black. And it wasn’t an exact match with the gray of the skirt, but that’s what made it great.
Have fun with accessories in your favorite colors. They can even turn a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt into an outfit that turns heads!

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