Burgundy: A Fall 2011 sneak peek

Burgundy, wine, dark rose, claret and almost any other shade of red imaginable showed up as a big hit at the Fall 2011 runway shows. Of these hues, burgundy will be especially popular, and for good reason. Burgundy, in all of its shades, both warm or cool, is an easy color for most women to wear. The industry is even saying “Burgundy is the new black.”

To this I say, “Yeah!” I absolutely love burgundy! And I particularly love the mini trend, color scheme of burgundy, black and white/ivory. According to Lucky Magazine, it’s “crisp, sophisticated, and ultra-lush.” Because most of us have plenty of black and white in our summer wardrobes, this combination will be easy to do for that “it’s still hot outside, but I’m sick of my summer colors,” time of year.

Simply add in a couple of lightweight burgundy pieces, and you’ll be set!

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2 comments on “Burgundy: A Fall 2011 sneak peek

  1. I so appreciate the early news on a fall trend. While I don’t follow any trend that I don’t care for or doesn’t work well for me I enjoy knowing what they are so I can participate when it works for me. Knowing the new colors and combinations helps me look at my existing wardrobe in new ways! You’re the best! Thanks!

  2. Glad I can help, Gayla! You are so right; you should only wear trends that you truly love and that work for you. Trends do give us new perspective on our wardrobes, as many times it’s just bringing a certain thing out more or adding one or two new pieces to what you have for a whole new look.

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