Beyond a Simple Fashion Statement

The other day I picked up a copy of the NY Times and came upon a review, (Beyond a Simple Fashion Statement by Roberta Smith) of a Photography exhibit titled “Dress Codes.” Naturally, I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I can’t just jet off to New York to see the exhibit, but there were some interesting quotes on dress and image in the article that I thought I would share.

“Clothing is a language that we study carefully and read almost reflexively, like the expression on a person’s face. What we wear is an interface between our bodies (and our selves)–“

“From Diane Arbus: ‘Everybody has this thing where they need to look one way, but they come out looking another way, and that’s what people observe.'” (I don’t necessarily agree with this quote.)

“I’m afraid I like my  movie stars, especially female ones, to dress the part.” (In response to her disappointment of “lack of sartorial display” in a video featuring Cate Blanchett.)

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