Begging for blouses

Something from Clinton Kelly’s Makeover America show at Macy’s last month has been weighing on my mind.

Before the fashion show started,  Clinton mentioned to us that as women, we should try to wear some blouses. He was rather comical when he tried to imitate a woman, “Ooh, but that’s so fancy!” To which he replied, “No, it’s not. A blouse is just a shirt for women.”

This got me to thinking; I hardly have any blouses in my wardrobe. There are a couple of reasons. One, I have a hard time with fit. My back is very wide, so I always get pulling through the bustline. Two, most of the blouses I see either have ruffles or bows, and I’m not a ruffle and bow kind of girl. However, because of these reasons, I never have a blouse on my shopping list. I don’t really put out my radar for blouses for myself. Now that Clinton has given me the challenge, I’m going to put at least one blouse on my shopping list for fall. It might mean that I have to go up a size and have it altered. Knowing that I’m not going to be buying a ton of blouses, I’m willing to alter one or two that I love. Or perhaps I can find a great blouse without buttons!

Photo: Trina Turk

What about you? Are you a blouse kind of gal or do you strictly go for knits?

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2 comments on “Begging for blouses

  1. I’m a blouse lover–I find the deep v neck and turned up collar very flattering and draws attention upward toward my face. I love long sleeves and especially French cuffs when I can find them. I have several styles of white blouses in my wardrobe from dressy to casual.

  2. Kate,

    That’s great that you’ve found that blouses work so well for you! I like the looks of french cuffs, too, although I tend to lose my cuff links for some reason. Do you have any tips for keeping your white blouses really white?

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