Be Stylish in Comfort

Recently someone commented on my blog asking for more tips on being gorgeous and stylish without sacrificing comfort. As a personal, fashion consultant, I can’t say enough about the importance of being comfortable at work or personal pursuits. Truly, it’s practically impossible to concentrate on anything other than your waistline when your pants are too tight. Here are a couple of tips in regard to comfort.

1. Clothes that fit well are comfortable. I know this might sound trite, but I have so many clients who tell me their professional clothes are uncomfortable. Typically, what we find out is that those clothes aren’t fitting well. Obviously, things that are too tight bind. On the other hand, clothes that are too large can also be uncomfortable. Skirts that are too big twist and move around all day long, creating a lot of friction. Likewise, tops and jackets that are too large can make you feel like you’re carrying around a lot of extra fabric that sometimes gets in the way or creates bulk.

Go through your closet. Try on your clothes, specifically focusing on fit. If something is too big or too small and can’t be altered, get rid of it. It doesn’t make sense to have “just in case” clothes if you’re not comfortable and they don’t look great on you.

When you shop, be sure to try on plenty of clothes to find a fabulous fit. Sit down in the dressing room to make sure pants aren’t too tight, short in the rise or too tight in the thighs. (Always remember, alterations are usually required for a perfect fit.)  Don’t compromise on fit if comfort is important to you.

2. Look for soft, comfortable fabrics. I’m not talking about sweats or knits pants here, (unless you’re a personal trainer or professional athlete,) but fabrics that are comfortable both physically and psychologically to you. While a worsted wool suit jacket or pant may never feel soft to you, some are softer and more pliable than others.

Get familiar with fabrics you like and those you don’t. For example, I think silk dupioni is absolutely beautiful, but I learned from both trying it on and examining my personal style that it is just too stiff for me. Pay attention to the fabrics you like in your closet, and also pay close attention to the fabrics when you’re shopping. No matter how fabulous a garment may be, if it doesn’t feel good, you won’t be apt to wear it.

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