Basic jewelry

With all of springs colorful clothing it’s best to downplay your jewelry and accessories. In other words, pair basic metallic and pearl jewelry with bright clothing. Or wear colorful jewelry with neutrals such as black and white.
You’ll actually find that metallics are big trends in jewelry at the moment, so now is an especially good time to build or refresh your basic jewelry wardrobe. I’m not much of a “pearl girl”, but I’ve been loving this necklace:

It’s modern, yet classic and basic. I personally can’t decide on the silver or the gold. I’m not the kind of image consultant that does color consulting and strongly recommends certain colors over another. I know I look better in gold, but I feel gold makes more of a statement than silver. So whichever you choose is a personal decision.

Because the necklace above albeit basic, makes a statement, I like the concept of pairing it with simple, somewhat more casual hoops like either of these.

Another option for an everyday, “go to” necklace is crystal. (Or if you’ve got the money and are comfortable, go with diamonds.) The necklace below could be worn dressy with a suit and matching crystal earrings.

If wearing the crystal necklace and matching earrings feels too dressy or “matchy,” pair it with the plain hoops. The important thing to know is that any of the jewelry pictured can be worn with formal business wear, business casual clothing or even with jeans and a t-shirt.

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