At Peace with Glasses

Years ago when I first trained to become an image consultant, I learned the following: The way you look affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act and then the way others react towards you. I experienced this at a very high level last Friday.

I was shopping for new glasses. I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 years old, but until I started wearing my current glasses, I never really liked the way I looked in glasses and never felt fantastic wearing them. (I wore contact for a few years, but I’ve developed a condition called dry eyes, and the contacts absolutely kill my eyes.) I also dreaded shopping for new glasses, as I never liked any of the new frames on my face.

This was all until I started working with Connie at Europtics in Cherry Creek North. She is fantastic at choosing frames that work for you. Her process is a lot like the one I use for image consulting. She asks about your lifestyle, needs and the look you’d like to project. Then she selects multiple frames for you to try on. Like me with clothing, she sometimes chooses frames outside the box, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

I love my current glasses and get compliments on them all of the time, so I was excited to get another pair to give me a different look. Having accepted myself as a “glasses wearer” I liked a lot of the frames. I ended up putting several pairs on hold and went back later in the day. I ended up buying the ones I kept thinking about all day! They’re slightly more subdued than my current glasses (which I am keeping,) but they’re not too subdued. I found that anything too subdued just didn’t feel like me, and I felt a bit nerdy and less fashionable. As an image consultant, I can’t afford to look anything but stylish! (By the way, the ones I bought are in the middle above, but they’re brown and they look completely different.)

And then I moved onto sunglasses, (cue choir of angels singing “ah”.) I’ve never been a real label girl, but there’s something about the designer sunglasses! I feel like a celebrity in my new Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. And when you feel like a celebrity, how can you help but feel more confident, and in turn others will regard you higher…continuing the cycle. I love helping women look great and feel great about their image!

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