Are You Craving Carrie’s Style?

Whimsical, quirky, fun, one-of-a-kind, fashion forward, and flamboyant…all words to describe Carrie Bradshaw’s style. I mean who else would wear a teal feather sticking straight up out of her bridal veil?  Oh, and I should add that she’s all of the above tied up with a bow. Carrie always has a soft feminine quality to her style.

(If you’re a Sex and the City fan, you’ll recognize Carrie and the gang’s style. If not, click here and you’ll be easily caught up.)

Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, exudes personal style that is enviable but also a little over the top for most of us in the real world. Perhaps her head-to-toe looks won’t work for you, but don’t let that stop Carrie from inspiring you! For example, for a special occasion, you might pair the (pictured) vintage inspired, bustier dress with a heavy, studded, leather belt. It might be tempting to pair the dress with demure black pumps, but Carrie would yawn at that combo. Instead try black studded stilettos or at the least a chunkier, sky-high style. Either shoe style would fit the feel of the ensemble with the heavy black belt without being too matchy-matchy.

Perhaps you like the topper. Instead of searching for a ¾ sleeved floral coat, why not wear a dress open over a coordinated or contrasting, fitted sheath. For a more casual look, wear the bold, printed dress-duster style over a top and slacks, legging, or capris. Still feeling a little subdued? Don’t forget a quirky handbag. If the Eiffel tower bag isn’t your thing, any unexpected shape will do.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create your fantasy style, come to Delish Demure from 5:30-7:30 on June 4 for my fashion workshop featuring styles and attitudes from Sex and the City 2. Click here for more details.

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3 comments on “Are You Craving Carrie’s Style?

  1. she is my favorite of the four…love her ecletic style…your tips are right on! You can take little parts of what she does…and make it work in the “real” world…

    1. I think she’s probably most people’s favorite. I have to admit, though I’m not as into florals as Carrie. Stay tuned for the other characters!

  2. i agree with the “florals” – for me it is how she mixes different patterns & textures…
    i am definately looking forward to your posts on the other 3…

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