An Image Consultant’s Fall Trend Report 2016

fall pinkEven though so many bloggers and personal stylists are deeming the season’s fashion as “maximal” and “hectic,” there are some fantastic gems to add into your professional wardrobe if you’re seeking an update. I’ve distilled all of my resources and have found plenty of great finds to recommend. Of course, these aren’t the only trends out there…I’ll dive deeper into specific trends as the season wears (pun intended!) on.

Plaid: I’m not a product of parochial school, but I still seem to associate plaid with my childhood…it takes a pretty unique piece for me to get on board, (but that’s just me…) This fall, plaid is newest in the form of oversized checks on coats (although it’s everywhere.) Also quite beautiful and a far cry from school days plaid is subtle, grey plaid for suiting. Not sure whether plaid is right for your body type? Try a scarf, bag or shoes!

 Pinstripes: Look for something a bit out of the ordinary, such as a wide, chalk stripe or diagonal, pinstripe to spice up your basics. If you feel overwhelmed or like a man in pinstripes from head to toe, break it up. Team pinstriped pants with a solid blazer or vice-versa. And while you’re breaking it up, lighten up, too. Pair a dark pinstripe with a light color, like…

Pink: I know…pink isn’t supposed to be a fall color, which is what makes it so great! Available in the spectrum from fuchsia to rose quartz to mauve, pink for fall is everywhere. So if you bought any rose quartz pieces last winter or spring, it’ll be just right for the last quarter of the year. (Just be sure your fabrics and styles aren’t seasonally confused.)

 Pumpkin Spice: If you love pumpkin spice latte (or everything!) you’ll love this hue. It’s a muted orange, and each designer interpreted it a little differently, so there’s a shade for every skin tone. Hmmm…this could be gorgeous with that grey plaid I just mentioned!

Silky neckerchiefs and skinny scarves: After several years of silk scarves being “out,” it will be a nice change of pace to have them back. I’m a big fan of using this accessory to help women stay warm in the office when the thermostat is out of whack (from what I hear from clients is all the time!) A kicky, printed scarf is the perfect way to turn a classic, “meh” sweater into a stylish outfit. (Find out how to decide which scarves from your stash to keep or donate.)

scarf silk hot pink blue

Capes: Capes of all styles and lengths are fantastic coats for Colorado. They’re warm enough, easy to take off (when you’re driving and the sun gets strong) and easily fit over blazers. A knit poncho style cape or capelet in a neutral color to keep on the back of your chair could be another perfect solution to warding off “office chill.”

Ruffle and bow blouses: Since blouses (nice ones) can still be a little hard to find, this trend is good news. This trend is a little softer, more interesting and less frou-frou than most of the ruffled blouses from several years ago. I recommend a neutral or print blouse vs. a pink, ruffled bow blouse for the office!

Again, these are just a few of this fall’s trends for 2016. There are fewer translations for a professional wardrobe than in the past few years; however, since the name of the game is value and basics for an easy wardrobe that works, adding in one or two of these trends may be all you need to polish and update your look!

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