All Tied Up in Scarves

The fall trends have shown themselves, but it will be a couple of more months before we look at spring’s trends. What does that leave? Accessories! In particular this month–scarves. Before you declare yourself “not a scarf person,” read on. We’re not talking about your grandma’s scarves. Today’s scarves have a more modern, casual vibe great for business, business casual and casual wear.

If your wardrobe is devoid scarves, I encourage you to take a trip to the accessories department or your favorite boutique with this tip in hand and do a little experimenting. If you like scarves, follow these tips, and you may just learn to love scarves.

The Hardest Working Accessory

Scarves are the ultimate multi-tasking accessory. Here are just a few reasons to love them.

* Camouflage If you’ve put on a couple of extra pounds over the holidays, (like me,) you’ll love this quick fix. A long scarf not only covers your tummy, but it also creates a strong, center front vertical line creating the illusion that you’re taller an thinner.

* Color Even though most of us own a lot of it, black is rarely our best color. By adding a colorful scarf to a black jacket or sweater, you’ll give yourself a rosy, healthful glow.

* Warmth If you’re often cold, even when the heater is running, a scarf will help. Even a silk scarf will help you cover your torso and keep you warmer. When the temperature really dips, a cashmere scarf will warm you right up!

* Interest Scarves are extremely stylish this year and will continue to show up for spring. It’s an easy way to update and add interest to even the simplest outfit. Trés chic! French women have known this for years.

* Mix ‘n Match A patterned scarf can help pull your color scheme together creating a well put together appearance.

* Attention Because scarves are generally worn close to your face, they’re eye-catching and help hold attention at your face, where you always want it for business!

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And if you would like some hands on learning about accessorizing-whether you’re lacking or need ideas of what to do with what you’ve got check out  Accessory Madness.

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2 comments on “All Tied Up in Scarves

  1. Hi Dana,

    Can you please tell me the best way to store scarves? Is it better to roll them, or hang them? I like fewer wrinkles from hanging, but it seems some of the long knit ones start to get stretched out (?) I’d much prefer to store them all in one place.



  2. Hi Hope! I definitely think hanging your scarves is the way to go. They’re so much more difficult to see when they’re folded. I usually just loop mine over a pant hanger, but you can also buy special scarf hangers at closet organization stores. If the knit scarf is stretching, it would definitely be better to fold it, but the woven ones should be just fine.

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