Accessories: The Frosting of Fashion

One of my main tips from my chapter “How to Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks,” from the book I co-authored, Image Power, is to Buy Complete Outfits. Complete Outfits not only include all of the garments, but also the accessories.

My dear friend and AICI colleague, Marjory DeRoeck, MFA, AICI CIP, has written an entire Image Power chapter entitled “Accessories: The Frosting of Fashion.” Here’s an excerpt from Marjory’s chapter.

Top Reasons to Use Accessories

To put separates together as outfits. Use a multicolored scarf as a road map to pull together individual clothing items. A brown, orange and gold scarf would coordinate with brown pants, an orange sweater and a gold tee.

To direct attention toward your best features. Is a tiny waist one of your best assets? Wear a wide leather belt with a gorgeous buckle and everyone will notice.

To vary your wardrobe to suit your mood. Feeling upbeat? Put on your sparkly earrings. Feeling calm and casual? Add a mohair scarf in your eye color.

To provide a conversation piece. Attach an interesting pin on your lapel and see how many people comment. It’s a great icebreaker at a party.

To add color to your neutral color garments. Neutral colors are less memorable and can drain color from your skin. Add a scarf or necklace in a complementary color to draw attention to your face.

To extend your wardrobe. Bring a dress or suit out of your closet and try adding groupings of accessories. Each time you make a change, the cost per wearing of the dress or suit goes down because you have more ways to wear it. Now that’s what I call cost effective.

To update an older garment. Take an old blazer, pair it with great fitting, dark denim jeans, a lacy cami, drop-dead metallic shoes and dangle earrings and watch heads turn when you walk into a restaurant. At that rate, your blazer could last you another couple of  years.

To pull together unusual color combinations. Being a redhead, I have a lot of green and turquoise in my wardrobe. I never put the colors together until I found a summer handbag that combined both colors. Now I have extended my summer wardrobe without buying any new clothes.

Remember, accessories always make dressing easier, more cost-effective, and FUN.”

This is just a small tidbit from Marjory’s chapter. She goes on to explain how to use accessories for your coloring, body type, personal style and more. If you’d like to read the rest of “Accessories: The Frosting of Fashion” and 19 other inspiring chapters on image, order your AUTOGRAPHED copy of Image Power today.

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