A Possible New, Stylish Shoe Solution

If you’ve been following my posts on Facebook, you probably know I’ve been struggling with tendinitis in my ankle and having major shoe stress lately. Flats have been friendlier to my ankle, but I’m just not ready to give up on pretty shoes, a.k.a. high heels. (This is simply my opinion for my own wardrobe, not a statement on anyone’s  style.) If you have shoe and ankle issues and you’re longing to wear high heels, read on!

Just this week, I made an amazing discovery! My platform shoes don’t seem to bother my ankle. Crazy, right? They look really high, but the thing that makes them comfortable is that the  foot isn’t placed at an extreme angle because of the platform. As I was helping a client shop for shoes on line this week, I noticed that Nordstrom is explaining exactly how high the heel will feel on your foot. For example, “Approx. heel height: 3″ with 3/4″ platform (comparable to a 2 1/4″ heel).”  These would be fantastic work shoes for all but the most conservative offices/occasions!

Unfortunately, my platform shoes I referred to earlier aren’t work appropriate, so I think I may have to try my theory out with a pair like the ones pictured. As I mentioned, I’m not ready to give up on beautiful high heels. Plus, many of my clothes require heels. It seems like it will be more cost effective to try the heels vs. buying a whole new wardrobe!

I still need to do a few more trials, and seriously if you’re under a doctor’s care for your feet and ankles, I’m not advising you…

So, what do you think? Are platforms comfortable for you? Do you prefer a covered platform or uncovered platform?

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