A Few of My Favorite Things

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! Even though I love the holidays and am enjoying these last days of celebrating, I’m excited for the New Year. But before we move onto “what’s next,” I thought I’d reflect a little on “what is” and share a few of my favorite things.

I’ve been a fan of these things for a long time and can’t imagine changing any of them! I’ve often been described as “fussy”. I prefer to think of myself as “choosy”! And why not be choosy about products and fashion items I’m going to spend my money on!

Keep reading to find out what some of my favorite things are:

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Juicy Couture Velour Track Pants

Truth be told, I never stopped wearing these after they came out in 2001, lol! No, I don’t wear them out of the house…They’re my cold weather, cozy “at home clothes”. (Usually I wear a coordinating half-zip fleece top. My husband has nicknamed my blue ones as “blueberry”.)

While Juicy has come out with tons of new styles (a.k.a more fashionable,) I prefer the wide legs, because they go over my feet and keep them warm!

BTW, I wear my Juicy pants waaaaaay longer in length than pictured! Oh, and one more thing-I know there are tons of velour pants out in the market place, but my Juicy pants are so soft and last forever that I’m totally willing to pay a bit more. (Plus, you can get them for a wide range of prices.)

PAIGE Women’s Jean Skyline Skinny Jeans

I’ve been wearing PAIGE jeans ever since premium denim became popular. (Remember boot cuts?) Even though I’ve tried a few other brands like 7 for All Mankind, Hudson, and Citizens of Humanity, Paige jeans are the most comfy and fit my pancake booty best.

I also wear the PAIGE Women’s Jimmy Jimmy Crop Jeans. which are also super comfortable, but they look a little better with heels, which I rarely wear. But I do wear them with sneakers and sandals a lot during the summer for a cute look.

The model in the photo must be really tall. The Jimmy Jimmy’s aren’t nearly that short.

Hate to shop for jeans? Check out this post for helpful jean shopping tips!

Hanky Panky Thong Panties

If you’re a client, you know how much I rave about “the world’s most comfortable thong!” Seriously, they’re that comfortable, and you never, ever have to worry about panty lines unless your pants are that tight.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, I also love the bright colors! Quite honestly, I also enjoy just not having to think about my undies. I’ve tried to find girl shorts I like as much without success, and occasionally a garment calls for SPANX, but otherwise, I just picky a pair of Hanky Panky’s in a color I’m feeling that day and call it good.


People always ask me what I use on my curls. The thing is…I don’t really have curls! When I let my hair dry naturally, I have a couple of waves at best, but mostly frizz. DevaCurl products are what make my curls (and keep the frizz at bay.)

It is a bit of a process! In addition to the Low Poo (shampoo) and One Conditioner, I use Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel.

So really, I tell people, its all product! But I gotta say my favorite part of going curly is that diffusing is soo easy! DevaCurl has also really gotten my hair into great condition. Now that I’m drying it straight a bit more often, it’s easier to straighten than pre-DC!

If curls are completely new to you, I urge you to try out my friends at Hair People on 6th Avenue. Maree and her staff are certified DevaCurl experts…and super nice, too!

Rodan & Fields Skin Care

While we’re talking about beauty products, it makes sense to talk about skin care. I’ve been using Rodan & Fields skin care for 6 years and have been super happy with my results. In the past, I was the person who used products for a couple of years (sometimes less) and then they seemed liked they just stopped working.

That hasn’t happened with R & F. I love the Redefine (um, yes, anti-aging.) Besides moisturizing and protecting,  it gives my skin a nice healthy glow!

Also, I absolutely have to have plenty of their (un)blemish cream on hand. It’s pretty miraculous.

When I catch a blemish in it’s “infancy” (it usually itches a little) and put the cream on it, it’s gone the next day. It makes me super happy, because I never even got much acne until I was in my 20’s, but it resulted in some scars I’m a little self conscious about.

Rodan and Fields









Last but not least, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that my ABSOLUTE favorite part about using R & F is my consultant, Lauren Kaplan. She takes great care of me and has actually become a very close friend. Feel free to contact Lauren for expert advice on your skin care needs.

Attilio Giusti Leombruni Ballerina Flat

And last but not least, my favorite shoes, AGL! Honestly, I’d like to update my shoe style, but these shoes are so dang amazing, I’m considering getting a second pair. Yep, ever since my feet discovered more expensive shoes, I haven’t been able to wear reasonably priced shoes!

When I see the price tags on the AGL’s, I wince a little, but the fact of the matter is I’ve owned these ballet flats (I actually have black) for over 5 years and they’ve just begun to show the tiniest bit of wear. Plus, I can wear them all day on my feet without pain.

I also have a pair of black, patent, Chelsea boots with super pointy toes that I adore even more! They must have been a limited edition because I can’t find them anywhere!! And my constant thought lately has been, “I don’t know what I’ll wear if these ever wear out!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite things. It was fun going down memory lane, but I’m even more excited for 2018 and the new favorite things I might find!

I’d love to know what some of your favorite things are! Please post them in the comments.











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