A Fabulous Color Scheme

I absolutely love light blue with red!  When I first spied the combination on a mannequin in the window of Garbarini, it was too early in the season to start thinking about it. (And if you read my blog post about red jeans, you might be interested to know I haven’t found them yet. Really need to get on that!) Now I’m inspired!

Usually when we think of light blue clothing, we’re thinking of pastels, a bit grandmotherly. Most of my clients make note on their personal  style homework that they dislike pastels; however this jacket shown, although pastel, is pretty intense…almost aqua. (I also like the retro/sailor vibe of the outfit shown!) If you love the color scheme but aren’t sure about red pants, the look could also work with white pants or jeans or even a skirt. Fabulous shoes and accessories would be the key to punching up the look.

Here are a few other ideas for wearing red/white/light blue:

A white bottom, red jacket/cardigan, light blue top (print, stripe or solid)
Light blue skirt, white top, red accessories
Red skirt or pants, red jacket (perhaps a suit?), light blue top, white accessories.

We all know that red, white, and blue is classic, so why not mix it up and add light blue, or even turquoise, into the mix? Of course, with the 4th of July coming up, you could certainly swap out the light blue for navy or even silver for a great look. I’m off to go shopping in my closet!

If you would like to shop your closet, but you’re not sure where to start, I can help!

Do you like this color scheme? What pieces do you have in your closet (or would you like,) that you could coordinate into a fabulous red, white, and light blue outfit? Don’t be shy…I’d love to know your thoughts!

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