4 Essential Coats and Jackets for Spring

Now that we’re officially in spring (yay!!) I’m thinking about clearing my winter coats out of my coat closet and moving them out of site! This got me to thinking about spring coats. Be sure to check out my video to learn all about what you might need in your closet.

Here are my choices that will expand your wardrobe and keep you warm and dry…and stylish!

4 Essential Spring Coats and Jackets

Trench coat

A classic trench coat can be dressed up for business or business casual or simply worn casually with jeans. I recommend a good twill in tan or khaki to get you started.

After you have your basics covered, especially if you live in a rainy climate or do a lot of commuting, feel free to choose a fun color or print. True, it won’t be as versatile as a neutral, but fashion is supposed to be fun after all!

4 essential spring coats and jackets


Denim jacket

Extra short and longer length denim jackets are what’s trend worth right now. I prefer a classic length, but definitely go with what your personal style guides you to.

A denim jacket can be worn with just about anything! It will add a “cool girl” vibe to dressier clothing, and of course it’s perfect with all of your casual clothes, too!

White jacket

Nothing says spring and summer quite like a white jacket. My choice is an unlined, white linen, “tuxedo” blazer in a classic length that I can wear with skirts, pants and over dresses. Let your body type, lifestyle, and office environment guide towards your perfect style.

Light colored, neutral jacket

Let this jacket be a stand in for your black and navy jackets during warm weather. This just might be the jacket you leave at your office for impromptu meetings and client calls. Like all of the jackets outlined today, this neutral jacket can be great for work or casual!

I’m writing this post today, after I made the video yesterday…I got to thinking…if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather like I do, you just might want to add a lightweight down jacket in a light color like  I talked about in this post! It’s pretty chilly on March 23!

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