3 Work From Home Outfits That’ll Go To The Office Later

Are you wondering exactly what to wear while you’re working at home? Maybe you have plenty of dressy office worthy clothes and the rest is super casual weekend wear.

I’ve been getting lots of feedback that this is a true conundrum these days!

What’s the balance between casual and too casual? Today I thought I’d weigh in and give you my thoughts on what you can wear NOW and using some of the same pieces, what you can wear once you’re back in the office or simply out in the world.

I thought I’d do something just a little different today and share with you exactly why I’m recommending the items I’m sharing with you.

3 Work From Home Outfits & 3 For the Office

Comfy at Home

For this first outfit and all of the outfits in this post, my inspiration was the blouses and dress from Equipment. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Equipment’s “claim to fame” is their silk.

If you’re a lover of silk, you know it’s next to impossible to find in the marketplace. Polyester has crowded it out, but silk is not only a natural fiber, it’s oh so soft, luxurious and comfortable.

Over the years I’ve found Equipment’s silk and quality as a whole to be very nice and well worth the price. This dark pink blouse is an amazing basic that will flood your Zoom screen with saturated color, flatter your complexion, and maintain your professional brand.

For this at home look, when you’re on Zoom all day…nobody is going to see your bottom half on the screen. Complete transparency here…I have worn shorts almost every day this summer. We don’t keep our a/c very cold, so shorts are really comfortable.

Just click each item photo to shop. Scroll across to see all items in a look. I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support! You can see all of my top pics on my storefront. 


Back up top, this blouse doesn’t need a busy necklace. Simplicity can be great at home. The Gorjana necklace is 18K rose gold plated and will sit at your collarbone right inside the blouse’s collar. It’s a basic that could easily become a go-to for you!

Gorjana is my new favorite jewelry line! It’s great quality for the prices, and they have a 100% happiness guarantee!

Finish off the look with rose gold embellished sneaks, and rose colored blue blocking glasses and you’re sure to have a super productive day.

Back in your Office

When you go back to your office (or perhaps still in your office if you’re in an essential worker position,) take your same silk blouse, and trade in the shorts for cuffed, khaki culottes and you’re good to go.

I like that these pants are cotton, but they have a bit of sheen to them and appear dressy.

To dress up the look further for the office, the linear crystal earring glam things up just a bit. I especially like that they aren’t 100% matchy-matchy, but they definitely go with the blouse.


Without a doubt, you could pair a neutral handbag and shoes with this outfit, but if you love pink or collect shoes or bags, the pink enhances this outfit and will add a pop of color to any neutral outfit in the future.

Active at Home

The blouse featured in these next two looks is absolutely gorgeous! A client of mine purchase it recently, so I can 100% vouch for it.

A couple of things I like about the blouse are that it is full cut through the shoulders, so even if you’re not wearing a jacket, your torso isn’t exposed. Also, there is pleating across the front, so it’s decorative yet not bulky, and doesn’t need a necklace.

I’ve paired the blouse with black here, but another option for warmer weather is light blue. It’s hard to see on the screen, but there is light blue in the blouse, so it can be paired with a chambray pant like these for warm weather.

A cardigan like this is a “must have” for almost any wardrobe. You can seriously wear it with almost anything! This one from Equipment is cashmere, which is soft (a.k.a. not itchy,) luxurious and super warm without being bulky.

For the at home look on a day you need a sweater, stay comfortable on the bottom with black leggings. On a warmer day, the colorful blouse would be super cute with the jean shorts and sandals.

Coffee date

Really the only change I made to this outfit, because it’s kind of casual in nature, was to sub in black jeans for the leggings. Obviously, if you wear jeans to work, these will work. If your dress code bans jeans, black pants would be perfect!

These black jeans are by Paige. It’s my favorite denim brand, because it fits my body well and lasts. I also recommend 7 for All Mankind, AGL and J Brand, to name a few.


I feel like I absolutely have to mention the earrings. First off, cute stud earrings are kind of hard to find…and look at what a fab match these are! (Kinda proud of myself!)

Zoom—>Back to Work

This last category features a silk shirtdress from Equipment. Before you start talking about how crazy I am for suggesting you wear a shirtdress at home, take a closer look. A dress is not always a dress!

If you have a closet full of tops, but you don’t have enough dresses for your needs, this is perfect. You can be working along in your tank top and jeans…and then when it’s time for a Zoom call, simply pop on your dress, as a duster.

You’ll be covered enough for your call and comfy to boot! If you don’t like the idea of a duster, go ahead and button it. Dresses over pants are a big trend for fall.

Shirtdresses are classic! If you don’t like animal print, Equipment has quite a few other solids and prints. It’s a great investment, especially since it’s silk.

The pumps are a perfect choice for the office, but change to strappy sandals, and you’re ready for a dinner date!


 Psst…something you may be thinking about:

If you’re worried about spilling on silk at home, wear an apron over it. (Or your bathrobe, a lab coat, etc. while you’re eating.) Also, prints hide spots easier than solids.

And if you haven’t picked up on it by now, I am a huge proponent of buying great quality. It just makes so much more sense to buy an item once than to have it wear out and keep buying it over and over.

I also believe in a wardrobe with great basics. As you can see here, all of these clothes are simple basic shapes. But don’t make the mistake of equating “basic” with “boring.” Basic means you can wear the pieces with a wide variety of things in your wardrobe, stretching your clothing budget to the max!

I’m dying to know…which one of these outfits is your favorite?? Let me know in the comments below.

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