3 Ways to Wear Plaid Pants for Fall

Plaid is a huge trend for fall! So when a friend showed me a pair of pants she bought and challenged me to come up with outfits, I was ALL in!

I know plaid can be tricky to style sometimes, so I thought I’d share the outfit ideas I came up with.

The pants are pretty skinny! (She gave them to me to try on, and they were SO cute I didn’t want to give them back, lol!) But the concepts will work for slim, trouser, or wide leg styles.

pattern mix plaid pants

These particular pants from Banana Republic are a twill fabric, so not terribly dressy, but just like jeans, they can be dressed up or down.

3 Ways to Wear Plaid Pants


Why it works: Red, white & Blue! The pants are your star piece, and the basic white T, basic navy blazer and red scarf support them.

For a more formal look, go for the structured blazer and pumps.

Or relax your style with the slouchy, corduroy jacket and cowboy-like white booties…both big fall trends! (As always, just click the photo to see more details or just head here.)

How to wear plaid pants for fall

Desk to Dinner Chic

Why it works: Pattern mixing is a big trend for fall. Check out this post to learn exactly how to mix and match patterns. 

If you’re new to pattern mixing, you might start with the red blouse with tiny dots. Feeling a little bolder? Try the larger print! (The shades of red don’t need to be exact, since the red in the pants is so minimal.)

Adding the navy wrap not only keeps you warm, but also tones the outfit down for more sedate times.

How to wear plaid pants for fall

Cozy Casual

Why it works: Flowy over skinny is a classic proportion that always works. And this big cozy sweater over plaid, skinny pants is a no exception! Continue the somewhat rugged, outdoorsy look with a fashion backpack and Ugg boots.

Psst…this comfy combo would be great for all kinds of casual holiday occasions.

Who would have thought plaid pants could be so versatile? It’s your choice…wear them traditionally, oh so chic, or casual cozy. Or try all 3 outfits and you’ve got your bases covered for any of your fall needs.

Need help putting outfits together in your closet? Let’s schedule a time to talk, so your outfits will be ready to go every morning, and you can slide into the rest of your day ease and confidence.

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