3 ways to wear it

Yesterday I was shopping for a client at Nordstrom and complimented one of the sales associates, Katie, on her outfit. It was a printed cotton, sleeveless shift dress with white “jewels” at the neckline. What made it pop was that she had topped it with a fitted, denim jacket. Katie went on to tell me that they play a game called “wear it three ways.” She also told me she loves jean jackets and can play “wear it 90 ways” with the jacket.

This got me thinking.  Because women are so busy, and it’s human nature, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only wearing outfits the way they were bought. I challenge you to play “wear it 3 ways” in your closet. One of the keys to the game is to try mixing casual with dressy like Katie did. Here is an idea from my closet to get you going.

Last summer I bought this terry jacket (in white) with matching capris to wear in Europe over my swimsuit and for lounging around. I can break it up and wear the jacket over a long tank top and twill cropped pants. And the third way I can wear it is as a little cover for a sun dress.

Although I regularly do a lot of mix and match for my clients as part of my wardrobe coordination service, I’m inspired and can’t wait to play “Wear it 3 ways!”

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2 comments on “3 ways to wear it

  1. I love this idea! I guess more than the idea, I like the slogan: wear it three ways. It makes it easier to think about this while shopping in a store or shopping in your own closet. Thanks for sharing! And I’m with Katie–I love my jean jackets. I think I’ve even worn mine over sequins. Honestly, it wasn’t garish.

    1. I agree. The slogan helps us simplify and focus. I’m sure your jean jacket was awesome with sequins! I did a presentation at a boutique one time, and for part of the time, I wore a crystal embellished, black knit bubble dress with tights, boots and my jean jacket. Then I changed out of the tights and slipped on some stilettos for a different look. I’m still kicking myself for not buying that dress!

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