3 Ways to Style A Simple Gray Dress

3 ways to style a simple gray dress

Wearing your clothes more than one way is not only easy on your wallet, but you’re apt to grab these items over and over without feeling like your wardrobe is stale. You probably know the wisdom of the little black dress, but today’s post is about how to style a simple gray dress. 

One of the main concepts involved in easily changing the look of your clothes is to choose pieces that are simple. Simple doesn’t mean boring or totally plain. What you’re shooting for are things that don’t have many design lines or embellishments. While they’re stylish, they’re not insanely memorable…and this is how you wear them multiple ways. 

I’m showing 3 ways to style a simple gray dress, but the truth is the ways to create different outfits with this simple dress are virtually unlimited! You’ve probably heard the phrase “shop your closet.” Well this is shopping your closet at its finest!

A few things to know before we get into the outfits…

  • Don’t like gray? You can create these looks with almost any color. Neutrals will be easiest, but truly any color will do. Here’s an example of a simple dress in cranberry styled 2 ways.
  • I actually have the dress from my examples in eggplant, my favorite color! And…I also have the sleeveless version in black.  
  • This dress is cotton, but a synthetic or silk knit will do just as well. 
  • Even though this dress has ruching, which is super flattering, your dress can be another shape, a tank, wrap, or looser t-shirt style.
  • Another thing to note: this dress is on the shorter side. Feel free to choose any length for your simple dress! 

3 Ways to Style a Simple Gray Dress

Outfit #1-Office Style

This is a cozy, comfy look for a casual office. I love how the long cardigan gives the outfit unique proportions. You could easily pair the dress with a hip length sweater as well. 

Not feeling the heels? Flat booties or tall boots would be amazing with this dress! 

If your office is a bit more buttoned up, substitute a neutral blazer for the cardigan. Then swap the booties for  pumps. (See #3) 

Outfit #2-On The Road

This combo is perfect for travel or even just a casual weekend day. Sneakers with dresses is a huge trend right now. I’m on the hunt for some white, leather sneakers that I’ll most likely wear with my sleeveless version once it warms up. 

Originally when I created this outfit, I meant to add a jean jacket, so feel free to make this change! Another way to change it up would be to add an athletic style jacket. I’m dying for an old school Adidas jacket! 

Outfit #3-Out to Dinner

3 Ways to Style a Simple Gray Dress

Here, we’ve taken the slightly casual simple gray dress and dressed it up to go out. It’s all about the shoes and accessories. You could easily go from the office to happy hour with just a change of accessories! 

As I mentioned earlier, these are just a few ideas for styling your simple gray dress! The options are truly endless! 

How will you wear your simple dress? 

3 Ways to Style a gray dress


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