3 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Color Trends

Since we’ve all been in lock down for a while, I hesitated to really report on the trends of the season, but now that things are opening up I am dipping my toes in to give you some trend tidbits.

Whether you’re wondering what to pull out of your closet to wear next or what to buy, in person or online, here are 3 color trends for spring/summer 2020, along with styling ideas. The good news is that these colors aren’t “new,” so you just may have one or two of them in your closet.

Yes, there are definitely many other trending colors for spring and summer, but can we all agree you don’t have tons of time to read blog posts all day…makin” it short and sweet!

  • A few of other things to know are:
  • You don’t need to make sure your colors are exactly what you see. Anything close is great.
  • If you love any or all 3 of these colors, now is the time to find them.
  • I styled each color at a different “dress code” level, but you can wear any of the colors from super casual to ultra formal.
  • You’ll notice a similarity between all three looks. I like pretty minimal jewelry in the summer…so much cooler!

3 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Color Trends


Pantone describes Chive as “A savory herbal green. Chive imparts a healthy and restorative harmony.” Sure, I’ll take “healthy and restorative!” A yellow green like this is often associated with utilitarian or military looks, but you can truly wear this color in any kind of outfit from casual to dressy. Note: I haven’t had one green-eyed client yet who doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous in any shade of green! I love that this jumpsuit is casual! You could definitely dress it up a bit with a dressier belt and shoes. Make it more casual with earthy flats and perhaps a leather wrap bracelet.

Just click each item photo to shop. Scroll across to see all items in a look. I make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Let me know if I can assist you with a purchase. Thanks for your support! You can see all of my top pics on my storefront. 

Saffron Yellow

I’ll be the first to admit it…this color can be tough to wear! Women with darker hair and skin tones will do best with it. You may be wondering why I’m showing a long sleeved blouse for summer. I got to thinking about how many clients tell me they’re cold in their offices and thought a long sleeved blouse could be a good solution. Also, this would be a fabulous, attention getting blouse on Zoom. Later when you’re out doing live live presentations and speeches, the wide leg cropped pants look professional and modern.

Tanager Turquoise

Y’all! This is my favorite of the 3 outfits I’m showing today. I actually own those cropped pants. (They come in black, too.) They’re super comfortable! And I love the juxtaposition of the uber casual style pants with a dressier top and bold shoes!This is a great girls night out or date night outfit. As well, I can picture it in Napa or Nashville. (Girl so needs to travel soon!) Tanager Turquoise is actually a bit lighter than this, but overall turquoise is a color that looks good on everyone.

You know my favorite color here. What’s yours?

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