3 Spring Jewelry trends to update your wardrobe in a flash!

We all know the power of accessories! Accessories take your outfit from just there to WOW in the blink of an eye. Even better, a few well-chosen pieces of jewelry can update your wardrobe for the season.

Whether you choose fine jewelry or fashion jewelry (or a combo of both,) there’s no try on session required. Hey, jewelry always fits, lol!

These spring jewelry trends are my favorites. They’re fun. They don’t scream trendy. And they’re available for all personal styles from casual and fun to professional to elegant.

3 Spring Jewelry Trends to Update Your Wardrobe

Celestial “Seasonings”

Moons, Stars, and the Sun motifs are huge this season. You can find tiny stud earrings, as well as sparkly dangles.

You might consider a star or moon diamond/crystal pendant that can become your go-to, summer necklace. Even though these “stars” are a trend right now, they’re not trendy. They’re simply popular and plentiful in the market place at the moment.

Jewelry trends to update your wardrobe

How to wear it:

Because it is a trend for the season, I recommend choosing your celestial piece as your statement. For example, wear the easy, STAR shaped pendant necklace as your focal point, and let the rest of your jewelry support it.

Should you prefer tiny star stud earrings, you might want another piece to be your statement. For example, several delicate, layered necklaces could be your dominant jewelry.

My favorites are the moon and star sparkly earrings (in the pic.) They’re a big statement, so I’d skip a necklace…adding a bracelet and/or ring.

Flower Power

There’s no denying floral prints are a huge spring trend, but in this case, we’re talking flower shapes in jewelry.

I’m in love with this trend! Recently I bought a pair of white flower shaped dangle earrings (almost like the ones below) and they add a fresh pop to all of my colorful tops.

3 Spring Jewelry Trends to Update Your Wardrobe

How to wear it:

These flowers are no shrinking violets (geez, I’m just full of puns today, lol.) But seriously, most of the pieces I’m seeing are somewhat large. So if your flower motif jewelry is on the big side, it plays the staring role.

As I mentioned, I like wearing my white earrings with multi-colored tops. We’re so used to seeing simple metal hoops or colorful earrings, so the white is different and acts as a neutral grounding your brights.

Or go matchy-match! For example, wear a hot pink dress and add a matching, hot pink flower earring.

Rainbow Bright(s)

Color is everywhere this season, and rainbow colored jewelry is no exception. Rainbow “striped” jewelry comes in the form of real or faux gemstones or beads.

I first noticed this trend when Karly Kloss was wearing colorful gemstone, dangling hoops in her inspiring video.

This trend is especially wonderful for professional jewelry. Real gemstones or Swarovski crystals in the bright tones create an office appropriate, understated look.

3 Spring Jewelry Trends to Update Your Wardrobe

How to wear it:

Smaller huggie earrings are great for the office, and add a pop of color to black, white, grey and navy. It’s not a total faux pas to wear matching sets (earrings/necklace) but I’d recommend sticking to one rainbow piece and supporting it with jewelry in the same metal the gemstones are set in.

Juxtapose big, bright rainbow “striped” earrings with a simple white t-shirt and jeans. Pull your hair back and add bright lipstick and you’re set to go!

These are just a few of the jewelry trends of the season…small purchases to update your wardrobe with impact!

I encourage you to dive into experimenting with jewelry and have fun with it. Remember, I’m offering up ideas and guidelines, but truly fashion is supposed to be fun. Want to break a rule? Go for it! You have my blessing!

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  1. Hi! Can you provide info, or better yet, links, to the products that you are using for reference? Thank you!

    1. Hi Donna,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have links for this post. If you look at my more recent posts, they all have clickable links to shop. I do know that the white flower earrings were from Francesca’s and the multi-colored top was from Cabi…more than likely both are long gone. Stay tuned for lots of great tips and where to buy them!

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