10 Fashion Tips for Tall Gals

10 Fashion Tips for Tall Gals

Recently I asked my followers for blog post suggestions. My friend, Lida Citroen, asked for tips for tall gals, so to Lida and all other members of the “tall girl club,” here you go!

While it’s still important to dress for your body type, most of the following tips are fairly universal for tall women. As you read, you will see that just like all other women, alterations make a huge difference in your clothing.

1.  Be proud of your tall model-like height! And to that I add, if you want to wear heels, don’t hesitate! (A small caveat might be if you are looking to make partner in your firm, and most of the partners are short men… I’m just saying.)

2. Pant length is crucial! Your pants should only be ¼” to ½” off of the floor. Otherwise, unless you’re wearing cropped pants, you risk looking like your pants shrunk or you outgrew them. This might mean buying “Talls” or letting the hems out of your existing pants. If there isn’t much hem to let down, your tailor can add seam tape to give you the most length possible. And don’t forget the option of skinny pants tucked into boots.

3. Have fun with your shoes! Because you’re tall, you can easily wear shoes that contrast with your outfit. Why not wear a pair of incredible red pumps with your black suit? (Doesn’t every woman want a pair of red shoes?) Other shoes to try: Mary Janes, T-straps, Booties and Over the Knee boots.

4. Wear prints that are in scale with your height. This doesn’t mean that just because you’re tall you should wear the largest print you can find. Simply avoid tiny to small prints that will appear too delicate for your stature.

5. If you want to downplay your height…Wide belts will provide a division between your upper and lower body. Wide horizontal lines, wearing different hues on your top and bottom, and wide cuffs on your trousers will also diminish your height.

6. Be aware of skirt lengths. Skirts that are supposed to be knee length may be a little too short for you. Especially if you’re wearing a hip length jacket, a skirt that is an inch or two above your knee may look proportionally off. A hem around your knee will look just right.

7. Don’t make people wonder if you’re wearing bracelet sleeves. Not all tall women have extra long arms, but if you do take care that your sleeves aren’t too short. With your arms at your sides, bend them into a 45 degree angle. The bottom of your sleeve hem should hit at the spot where your thumb starts to jut out. Shortening or lengthening is an easy alteration for your tailor.

By the way, bracelet sleeves are fab…just make sure they’re intentional.

8.  If you’re concerned about your height being intimidating, feminine clothing can help. It’s probably better not to veer to the side of overly girly, (unless it’s totally your personal style,) but instead look to sweetheart necklines, fitted silhouettes, and kick pleats and such.

9. Accessories should be in scale with your height. You have regal stature, so why not play it up. You don’t necessarily have to wear extra bold jewelry; however, try to avoid dainty looking pieces. And if you prefer delicate jewelry, layer it add more oomph to your look.

10. Finally, determine your body’s vertical balance, so you can take advantage of your height and flatter your body the very best you can!

Please let me know if you have any other questions about dressing your gorgeously statuesque frame. And definitely feel free to share tips and resources that have worked for you. I love your comments!

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9 comments on “10 Fashion Tips for Tall Gals

  1. From all the tall gals out there — thank you, Dana! Great tips!

    I notice everyone looks at my shoes (is she wearing 3″ heels???) so I get to indulge there. Totally agree that tailoring and fit is crucial. While I love ankle length pant styles, I would look like my pants shrunk so I avoid them. Your tips are right on.

    Keep up the great tips… I’m just saying 🙂

    1. Lida,
      You could actually wear capris or cropped pants. Since you’ve got the leg length, you don’t have to worry about creating that stunting horizontal line across your calf. Honestly, I don’t think ankle pants work for anyone. They just look like floods, whether you’re tall or short!

  2. I love all of the tips! As a tall gal; they will be put to excellent use. I’m with Lida, when I go into a room that first thing I notice is that people are looking at my feet. And yes, I love to wear 3 inch heels. So I better go out and buy those red pumps; besides red is my favorite color. 🙂 Great article.

  3. I totally agree with tip #8. Feminine clothing helps tall women appear much more approachable. We’re in luck as this Fall there’s lots of ruffly blouses and flirty hemlines on dresses and skirt.

  4. I should add in the tip that you can get North Face Ski pants in a long length online from REI. I love mine. I’m only 5’6″ but I’ve got long legs. The pants are actually a little long, but it helps give me more of a cool snowboarder vibe.

  5. Great tips! Thanks for addressing statuesque dressing issues. My mother always wanted me to wear small jewelry and prints because she wanted me to be smaller. It wasn’t until I was thirty that I found out I should wear larger scale items that are in proportion to my body. It totally makes sense.

  6. Thanks for great information about the Fashion. I accept tips 1 to be tall as you are. You have to be more confidence whenever you go outside. These would give you a good fashion and having a good courage by the people.

  7. I read this article with great interest and was glued to every suggestion. I am retired and will be 72 next month. Even in retirement, I overspend on clothes. Oh, how I wish I had this helpful info all those years ago. I know where to shop, but now I look forward to shopping smarter..

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