Wearable Spring Trends for 2024

There are so many easy, wearable spring trends for 2024! In the interest of your time, I'm splitting my 10 favorite, yes there are at least 10 good ones, into 2 posts. 

There are plenty of trends that are kinda crazy or skimpy, but you'll never find those here. As always, I look for professional, office-worthy styles that’ll level up your look!

And since I know so many women work within business casual and even casual environments, I've thrown in some of those styles too.

 Likewise, if you see things that look a little dressy for your everyday life, consider those for those hard to dress for occasions like entertaining clients, graduations, weddings and more.

So without much further adieu... 

Wearable Spring Trends for 2024

Polka Dots

I feel a little silly calling polka dots a trend. They're actually a very classic pattern, but this year in particular, they're highly available. I'm seeing mostly black and white dots, which feel the most classic. And I'm betting you just may be able to shop your closet for this trend! 

If you’re interested in any of the pieces, just click on each picture to take you to all the details to shop. I may make a small commission when you shop, but there’s never an additional charge to you. Thanks for trusting me to  help you be your most stylish self. Click here to go to my storefront and see everything in greater detail.

Shoppable outfit board showing the polka dot trend

Polka dots are more popular than ever!

Peplum Tops

I'm just gonna say it...I LOVE peplums. The peplums you'll find this season are way more flattering than the loosy goosy "peplums" from several year back. 

What I love about peplums is that: 

  • They make your waist look smaller! 
  • They look great on almost everyone. 
  • They're perfect with skirts--no tucking required!
Outfit board showing a collection of peplum tops a wearable spring trend 2024


Belts are "back" in a bigger, more wearable way than I've seen in a LONG time! 

I wore tons of FAB belts back in the '80's and then they kinda disappeared in the '90's, becoming boring, brown and black strips of leather ya used to hold up your pants 😂. 

Think of belts as a finishing piece for: 

  • Skirts
  •  Dresses
  • Jackets, so chic...so Dior! 

And a belt can turn a simple blouse and pants combo into a stylish outfit! 

P.S. If you're short waisted, opt for a low slung, hip belt. 

outfit board showing a collection of belts both dressy and casual

Mary Janes & Sling Backs

While neither of these styles is "new," they're everywhere! 

Most of the Mary Janes I'm seeing are flats (Yay, flats!) But they're in fun colors with all kinds of toe shapes and straps. I encourage you to embrace "impractical" colors and styles...they'll be more useful than you can imagine! 

The slingback shoe style is your best, wearable style for dressier outfits. Both kitten heels and block heels are trending, so you'll still be comfy even if you want to add a little height to your look. 

 And don't be afraid to grab a metallic or pastel pair to amp up your look! 

shoppable outfit board showing the wearable spring trends of Mary Janes and slingback shoes

White Dresses

White dresses are definitely one of the most wearable trends of spring 2024. As I mentioned in Spring Dressing For Your Body Type, there's a dress style for every body shape. 

And seriously, a little white dress is the equivalent of the LBD, except for spring/summer! Psst...It doesn't have to be stark white if that's not your best shade.

If looking at these white dresses sends a shiver up your spine since you work in an "arctic office" just add a blazer or jacket to warm up and add even more professional punch to your look. 

A shoppable outfit board showing the wearable spring trend, white dresses.

 wrap up…The Most Wearable Spring trends for 2024 include: 

  • Polka dots
  • Peplum tops
  • Belts
  • Mary Janes & Slingbacks
  • White Dresses

These were just a tiny taste of my favorite spring trends. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!  And if you missed my trend report featuring the hottest colors of the season, grab it here.

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