Dana Lynch, AICI FLC, helps take the stress out of getting dressed!

Specializing in professional dress, she has worked with attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners, and countless other professionals.

In addition to advising individuals, Dana is a sought after speaker. A few of her clients include Hensel Phelps Construction, New York Life, Xcel Energy, Deloitte US, the Society of Women Engineers, and Gibson Dunn. Her passionate, approachable speaking style motivates and empowers women to take charge of their wardrobes, dressing professionally in their own personal style.

Along with her chapter in the book Image Power, Dana has authored numerous articles and countless blog posts on professional image and fashion. She’s been quoted as an expert in the Wall Street Journal and was profiled by Colorado Expression Magazine as a top Colorado image consultant.


Speech and Workshop Topics Include:

Style Your Way to Super Success: Speak Powerfully, Own the Room, and Be a Magnet for Opportunities… before you even open your mouth

Do you struggle with what to wear or even shop for when tremendous opportunities come your way? Have you ever wondered how some women just always seem to look completely and effortlessly polished and put together in every business situation? Is your professional image on par with your skill set and the work you do? Then we’ve got the Power Hour for you!

When you attend “Style Your Way to Super Success” you’ll learn how to speak powerfully, own the room and be a magnet for opportunities before you even open your mouth. You will also learn:

  • The # 1 mistake that most professional women make in their closets that keeps them from the look that will skyrocket their success.
  •  The essential mindset shift that will help you take your look to the next level and leave the house every day knowing you look fabulous!
  •  The powerful strategy you need to follow to make sure every outfit you wear is authentic, comfortable and spectacular.

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Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks!

Do you avoid shopping finding it painful? Do you come home from your shopping trips overwhelmed and exhausted?

Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks will teach you how to turn what you might consider a dreadful task into a tolerable, possibly even enjoyable one. If you already enjoy shopping, you’ll find these strategies can help you save money, be more efficient, and you’ll come home from your shopping trips happier than ever.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to shop for good values not just bargains.
  • Discover the secrets for successful shopping trips.
  • Find out how to plan a wardrobe that works for your personal style, lifestyle, and budget.
  • Understand how to create the wardrobe of your dreams…and look like a million bucks!

Image Power    Image Power, a book comprised of 20 chapters, written by 20 top image consultants from across North America, is an excellent companion piece to this talk. (A quantity discount is available.)

This presentation brings my chapter, also entitled “Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks,” to life with PowerPoint, clothing examples and plenty of lively interaction!

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5 Easy Techniques to Unleash Your Inner Fashionista and Exude Even More Success!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You stand in front of your stuffed closet certain “you don’t have anything to wear.”
  • You feel like you’re in a rut wearing the same 6 outfits over and over because they’re easy, but you know you’re forgetting some of the fabulous combinations you have.
  • You look in the mirror and notice that the woman staring back at you doesn’t reflect the put together, accomplished woman that you are.

Fashion Consulting Workshop

If you answered “yes” then join me for Unleash Your Inner Fashionista and Exude Even More Success.

Unleashing your inner fashionista allows you to match who you are on the inside with how you look on the outside. You’ll not only feel more confident, but you’ll be able to tell the world how accomplished and successful you are all without having to SAY a word. And even though you’re already successful, having that extra little shot in the arm from bringing out your inner fashionista will allow you to create even more success all with the ease you desire.

I L-O-V-E to teach women just like you how to gracefully tell the world how fabulous they are through their wardrobes. From this talk you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve got in your closet in a whole new way and you’ll be attracted to your wardrobe. You’ll be excited to dig in to create “new” outfits from clothes and accessories you already own.

I’ll be sharing my favorite strategies, insights and inspiration. You’ll learn:

  • The #1 action you need to take to start loving your closet.
  • The Academy Awards Styling method for a fabulous outfit every time.
  • How to combine colors in new ways to create interesting, completely fresh outfits.
  • To create a personal style recipe that you’re crazy for and is uniquely yours.
  • To master the mystery of pattern mixing, from mild to wild.

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High Praise for Dana Lynch:

I highly recommend Dana if you are planning a speaking event for a large group.  She spoke at a Link to Share fundraiser and she was a big hit!  Her knowledge about improving self-image will captivate the audience and your guest will leave motivated to make positive changes in their life and appearance.”

–Wendy Howard, Link to Share

“Dana has such great style and everyone loved her insight into fashion and image! As career women, it is so helpful to hear a professional discuss what is–and what isn’t–appropriate to wear in different work environments. We all had a great time and learned so much!”

–Beth Mitchell, Ambler & Keenan, LLC

“Dana brought energy & charisma to her presentation.  Dana, your talk was relevant to job seekers, young professionals and seasoned business professionals wanting to add polish and panache to their look. I’ve received great feedback on the energy and charisma you brought to your presentation and your knowledge of style and fashion. We’d love to have you back!”

–Christine Pacheco, Assistant Director, Career Services

“Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate your words of style wisdom! Thank you for all you do for all of us women to bring out the best look for us.

–The MOPS group from St. John’s

“Before I met Dana I was longing to have a more complete and stylish look for myself.  A co-worker invited me to meet Dana, and now I have a better understanding of how to make my closet of clothes completely my style.  I also feel I have a better idea of what I need to add to what I already own to help make multiple looks to stretch my dollars. Dana’s advice was easy to understand and apply!  If you need help with a professional or casual dress makeover, Dana is the one to help you make your look stand out!”

–Doreen Swatlovsky

“Thank you for taking some time to speak with our students on tips and tricks for professionalism and wardrobe. It was an enjoyable and informative presentation!

–The Art Institute of Colorado

“Thank you for your presentation on color! We appreciated how you challenged us to add some color to our wardrobes with grace and compassion.  You made it easy to do, not scary at all to take that step.

–Deb Sloan, Women, Wine and Wellness

Thank you for a great presentation. I know that the students were impressed with your talk.  It was professional, informative, and the slide show was great.  It really added to the message.  Thanks again for being such an important part of our Student Career Opportunity Night.”

–Nicolette D Rounds, CPA, AFWA

Images courtesy of Patty Howe and Coreen Zuniga.