My New Closet Organization

Closet Organization "rules" for a large walk-in closet

If you’ve noticed my blog posts have been slightly sparse lately, it’s because I’VE MOVED! Yep, we moved from our home of 15 years and bought another. (Selling and buying a home and running a business at the same time is more stressful than you can imagine—first time I’d done it.)

 We’ve been in our home almost 3 weeks now, and today I completely* organized my closet. (*a work in progress) It’s a closet evolution, because I’ve gone from a small, square walk-in closet to a large walk-in closet.

My old closet

My old closet

Now that I have the space, I’ve decided to keep all of my clothes in this closet instead of separating off-season clothing. It’s not normally advisable to keep everything together  if closet space is tight, but it doesn’t make sense to lug clothes back and forth from different bedroom closets when I now have plenty of space.

I have; however, devised an “all clothes in one closet organizing system.”  I know—it sounds fancy, right? Wish it were something I could patent, but really it’s pretty simple. And by the way, this is only my system for the clothes. The shoes, handbags, and miscellaneous things will benefit from a trip to the Container Store.

Here are my “wardrobe organization rules”:

  The seasons are separated with the current season in the front. This means when the seasons change, I’ll rotate the clothes. At that time, I’ll edit the closet.

Wardrobe Organization "rules" for a large walk-in closet

♣ In between the seasonal clothing, I’ll keep my 3- season clothes, like jeans and pants. (Although right now I have a couple of these items, like my jean jacket and black, crepe blazer, mixed in with current, summer weights, as I wear them fairly regularly for business.)

Wardrobe Organization "rules" for a large walk-in closet

Darker, fall/winter clothes in back.

Clothes are then separated by category and by sleeve length.

Blouses and tops will always be at the front, since that’s where I’m keeping my shoe rack. Because they’re short, there will be plenty of light to see my shoes. Probably more importantly, though, I’ll be able to keep them better organized!

I won’t deny that I don’t still dream of having a closet like this or this! But for now, it feels great to have a system that feels like it will work. I’ll keep you posted as my closet evolution and wardrobe organization continues to evolve.




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