I Found a Hole!

I found a hole as I was editing or auditing my wardrobe, moving my winter clothes out and my spring things into my bedroom closet. But it wasn’t a hole in a piece of clothing. Rather I have a huge hole in my fall/winter shoe wardrobe!

When I edit my closet, I take the old season’s clothes (in this case fall/winter) and put them into storage. Then I move the current (spring/summer) clothes into my working closet. I edit the items as they go out of closet A and the items coming into closet A. Essentially, I am analyzing my entire wardrobe at least twice a year! (Learn about the other essential steps of a closet audit in this blog post.)

 Now back to that hole I found…

I’d hoped to be able to put several pairs of shoes into winter storage, but since there’s a chance (hopefully small) that it could snow again (in the spring, sheesh!), I kept my favorites handy. But in terms of comfy, all day shoes, there are only 4 pairs. And as long as I’m making my true confession, I wear one pair of booties at least 85% of the time! (Yes, they’re that comfortable and versatile!) Yes, I have a HUGE HOLE in my shoe wardrobe!

Best Boots Ever

Best Boots Ever!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking, “So what!” What does this mean? Well, since podiatrists and other foot health experts recommend rotating shoes, I really need to put shoes/boots on my “Fall/Winter 2018 Shopping List.”

The other thing this means is that I need to start planning and saving money for said shoes. Since I’ve gotten a little older, my feet have decided they really only like really expensive shoes. So not fair! I’m hoping the Nordstrom Anniversary will have some good choices, so I can save a little money. Otherwise, you might find me wearing sandals on the first snowfall next winter! LOL!

Yes, this was a big discovery during my recent closet audit. What else did I learn? Plenty! Even though I’m a fashion consultant, I’m still human. Keep that in mind…none of us are perfect!

  • I DO NOT need more sandals! My shoe racks are overflowing. Clearly, my toes love to be free and aren’t as picky about warm weather shoes.
  • In addition to my shoe discovery, I also realized that for the past 2 winters, it has been so mild that I barely wore my extra warm winter clothes. I’ll need to purchase more 3-season clothes, so I don’t start to get bored with what I have.

And as long as I’m making confessions, I should add that I was super busy and mostly concerned with the physical move. I still have a chunk of clothes I need to try on for fit. I know there are a few skirts and pairs of pants in the pile. Since I am pretty sure much of the chunk isn’t going to make the cut, I know I’ll probably need to add a few skirts and cropped pants to my spring shopping list.

This is the fun part…making the season’s shopping list! I don’t have a huge budget for spring/summer, but here’s what’s on my list so far:

  • Skirts
  • Cropped pants
  • Something yellow…I’m totally crushing on yellow!
  • Tops to go with skirts/cropped pants

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to get ready for your spring closet edit! I know it’s not always easy to get motivated or to see your clothes with an objective eye. If you’re not up to editing your closet on your own, I’d love to help! I’m just a call, text or e-mail away.




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