What I love about working with you…

I just wanted to send a huge thanks for all your help on recrafting and fine-tuning my “image”. After recently going through some big life changes and wanting a new level of success in my business, the timing was perfect for me to meet you!

Being that I’ve never been one for fashion, previously an outdoor-girl, Birkenstock gone Nine West, my clothing has been okay and I have gotten by, somehow. What I love about working with you, is the time you take to help me understand what best flatters me in terms of styles, cuts, lines, patterns and materials. It never occurred to me the distinction a mere material could make in creating a professional look.

And, having a bit of the bohemian left in me, I am thrilled to discover all the creative, non cookie-cutter versions of suit coats and inspired combinations that are unique, classy, professional, feminine, yet powerful. Who would have known?

So thank you for demystifying fashion and how to pull together unique combinations. Thanks for being so encouraging and positive in your feedback that it made me want to find clothing that is dazzling on me, rather than bemoaning it as a torturous process. I am loving it! Not that I will ever be an all-day shop-a-holic or spend hours poring over the newest trends (I’ll leave that to you), I actually, surprisingly, found this to be a lot of fun. On top of that, I feel fabulous, and apparently look fabulous too (or so I’ve been told!)

Thanks so very much!

Robin Peglow, M.A., H.H.C.

Integrative Life Coach, http://www.signsoflifehealth.com/


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