I have saved money with Dana by making good choices

I have been a client of Dana Lynch’s for about a year now.  I first met her at the October 2007 American Society of Women Accountants meeting in which she was a guest speaker.  I was impressed with her presentation and on that same night, I signed up for a wardrobe consultation and personal shopping assistance.  It has been a tremendous and fun experience for me.  It has also been such a relief to have knowledgeable assistance with my wardrobe that needed major overhauling to achieve the professional woman’s look that I was after.  I now receive many compliments from others in the office and have also noticed some of the younger women beginning to imitate me by dressing more professionally than they have in the past.  I can get dressed in the morning with confidence and ready to face my day knowing that when it comes to appearance, I am projecting the image of a well dressed professional business woman.

In the fall of 2007, Dana began with an assessment of my wardrobe preferences and needs so she could understand what I wanted to achieve.  She also assisted me a bit as I was still trying to figure it all out myself.  We then went through my closet for my work wardrobe and kept only those items that fit in with the new image I wanted to project.  A shopping spree was then scheduled in which Dana shopped ahead and all I had to do was meet her at the department store and go straight to the dressing room to try on the many clothes she had preselected.  This was the really fun part.  Dana was right there with me and would assess whether the item I was trying on looked right for me not only in style but that it fit appropriately.  I went home with a new wardrobe that I could wear with confidence.

Since then, I have had two more shopping experiences with Dana, spring and fall of 2008.  Dana and I have continued to enhance my wardrobe by adding jewelry, shoes, blouses, and a couple of suits.  I especially appreciate having a critical eye on what I am trying on to make sure it is really right for me and the image I want to project.  I told her that this one of the most important aspects to me, to have someone with expertise carefully assess before I buy a particular item.  I think I have saved money by this entire process by making good choices rather than buying items that were not right for me in both fit and style and then later regretting the purchase.

Sandy Purdy, CPA

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