Dana Lynch’s wardrobe advice has proven so valuable to me

Dana Lynch’s wardrobe advice has proven so valuable to me that I am sure to keep using her services. While my acumen for dressing myself is somewhat developed I believe that Dana is helping me take it up a notch. She has opened my mind to choices that I would have not even considered but that have proven to enhance my style and who of us doesn’t want that?

I first noticed Dana Lynch a few years ago when I started seeing her at Colorado Women’s Chamber events. These events attract very professional women who know how to dress for success. Dana has always been able to pull off a sophisticated and professional style with a slight edge to it. It’s because she knows how to incorporate the latest trends with classic pieces. This is exactly what I want to achieve for my own wardrobe and Dana is helping me do this.

Dana has helped me with a “spring clean” of my winter clothes. She has helped me shop for my first cocktail dress (yes, I did say first) for a black tie optional event; I ended up with two dresses that I love! And she has helped me put together outfits with the spring and summer clothes I already have. We are getting ready to do an audit of my summer wardrobe and pare it down to only the things that look great on me and that I love to wear.

Dana is like any great consultant, whether it be a CFO, interior designer, accountant or marketing company or financial advisor. Once you find someone whose skills you respect and who listens to you, it’s easy to develop a long lasting relationship with that person. It was obvious to me that Dana Lynch wants me as a life-long client when she spent her own time gathering information from me before selecting the dresses that the two of us would try on days later. It was also obvious when, after choosing the cocktail dress I was going to wear, that Dana again spent her own time discussing jewelry that would go with the dress. I could go on about how she gives of herself because she is invested in long term relationships but why not see for yourself how Dana can help you take your wardrobe to the next level?

Rebecca Kirchdorfer, Co-owner
Colorado Women’s Chamber Board Member

Downing Street Garage, www.downingstreetgarage.com


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