Charge Your Look with Your Power Color

Power color…What’s she talking about?! Picture this… Ever walked into a BIG meeting, your suit sharp as a razor, ready to seize the day…but somehow the day seizes you instead? Did you know your clothing choices, especially color, might’ve  played a role? What?! 🤯 Color is so much more than just eye candy! It influences our emotions, reactions, and even decision-making abilities. There’s truth in the phrases we use to describe our moods/emotions…feeling blue, seeing red, green with envy, and so on. Now imagine channeling this power for your next board meeting or job interview.  Here’s a peek at how different colors can [..] read more

Create an Outfit From the Ground Up

There are those days where you want to create an outfit for work, and you’re excited you’ve come up with something you haven’t worn before. And then you remember, “Ugh! I’m gonna be on my feet all day.” The perfect shoes for the outfit you just created aren’t great for standing and walking for hours. Now you have to start all over. This situation calls for creating an outfit from the ground up! Yep, you’re starting with your shoes this time. Here’s a step by step process for easily creating a creative outfit, starting with your shoes. (You may already [..] read more

7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look

Are you making any of these style mistakes?  Quite honestly, even the most stylish women I know (including me) have probably made a style faux pas on occasion.  But hey! Read on to see if you’ve made any of them and find out what to do instead (um, the opposite…you probably knew that already…you didn’t get this far in life on style alone!)  One more thing…(said the queen of prefacing)  I realize the title of this blog post is a little bit negative. I’m usually sunshine and rainbows, but style mistakes…they’re intriguing, almost as fun as a quiz!  Be sure [..] read more

What not to wear to work

My last post was about what to wear for work, but today’s post is about what not to wear to work. This morning I ran across a blog post where the blogger mentioned her readers had asked for ideas of what to wear to work and church. I was curious. So I clicked through. The blogger was lovely, and all of the outfits were cute but not for work. They could be great for church, absolutely… or a date… or  girls night out… Just not work. So what did these outfits have in common, and why am I telling you [..] read more

What to Wear to Work for Valentine’s Day

What to wear to work for Valentine’s Day? I’m guessing that, especially this far in advance, it’s not really top of mind. Am I right? Even though Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, (hello pink and red!) you’re more interested in what to wear to work any day that’ll make you feel more put together, polished and stylish. So… I’ve put together some looks that will be great for Valentine’s day for the office, but truly I’m concentrating on giving you tips and tricks for adding to your wardrobe or easily shopping your closet for new outfits that aren’t the [..] read more