What not to wear to work

My last post was about what to wear for work, but today’s post is about what not to wear to work. This morning I ran across a blog post where the blogger mentioned her readers had asked for ideas of what to wear to work and church. I was curious. So I clicked through. The blogger was lovely, and all of the outfits were cute but not for work. They could be great for church, absolutely… or a date… or  girls night out… Just not work. So what did these outfits have in common, and why am I telling you [..] read more

What to Wear to Work for Valentine’s Day

What to wear to work for Valentine’s Day? I’m guessing that, especially this far in advance, it’s not really top of mind. Am I right? Even though Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, (hello pink and red!) you’re more interested in what to wear to work any day that’ll make you feel more put together, polished and stylish. So… I’ve put together some looks that will be great for Valentine’s day for the office, but truly I’m concentrating on giving you tips and tricks for adding to your wardrobe or easily shopping your closet for new outfits that aren’t the [..] read more

What to Wear to a Networking Event to Feel Stylish & Confident and Meet Your Goals

Getting dressed for an interview is easy, right? Put on a suit, and bam, you’re done! And you’ve fallen into a groove with what you wear to the office every day. But what should you wear to a professional networking event that will be perfectly appropriate and make you stand out (i.e. invite others to approach you)? The other night I attended a women’s networking event, and being new to my area I wanted to wear just the right thing to convey my style and brand and stand out. It was hot, so a dress was a given. Dresses are [..] read more

What to wear to a wedding when you work all of the time!

In my last post, I shared how to choose a dress for a wedding and be able to wear it again even if you live a fairly casual lifestyle. Today’s post is all about how to turn a dress for a wedding into an office worthy show stopper! As always, you’ll definitely want to determine your body shape and choose a dress silhouette that’s flattering for you. When you receive that wedding invitation to a good friend or loved one’s wedding, you’ll want to, choose a somewhat basic, dressy dress that can be dressed up for the nuptials and party [..] read more

Keep your professional and financial goals on track

  Recently I was a guest blogger for my good friend and financial planner extraordinaire, Kristi Sullivan from Sullivan Financial Planning, www.sullivanfinancialplanning.com.  Kristi posed several questions to me about how to “look fabulous while keeping your financial goals on track.” My answers might surprise some, but after working as an image and wardrobe consultant for over 12 years, I stick by these methods, especially for professionals dressing for work every day in a wide variety of environments. Q: What are fashion purchases that should be avoided because they are usually a waste of money? Dana: The biggest waste of money is [..] read more