The Gift of Style Always Fits!

Have you been wracking your brain what to get her for the holidays? Or have you been TRYING to shop for an outfit online, and you keep ending up empty handed? Elements of Image Gift Certificates always fit and are available for in person and VIRTUAL SERVICES RELAX! I’ve got you! A style gift certificate always fits and is the perfect gift for your wife, significant other, sister, or favorite aunty! Psst…it’s a great gift for yourself, too. You know you deserve it. Or share this post with anyone asking you for gift ideas. It’s also a fab gift for [..] read more

What’s Your Zoom Brand?

What are you wearing on your Zoom meetings? Are you showing up as the brand you’ve worked so hard for? Or are you falling into the “it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I’m at home” category? Recently I’ve been having lots of calls with friends and clients on Zoom trying to take a temperature on what work is like for them since they’re working from home. What they’ve been sharing with me is that they’re on Zoom calls all day with others who are coming to their calls VERY, VERY casual. One friend even told me she had a guy [..] read more

My Body Image Journey

Note: today’s post is a bit different than usual. I’ll be back with your “regularly scheduled programming” next week.   Yesterday I went to an in-person networking event (sitting 6 ft. apart and wearing masks while mingling,) where we were asked an unusual question to answer about ourselves. We were asked to introduce ourselves/our businesses to the entire group and then tell what we love about ourselves. “What do I love about myself? And you want me to say it out loud to a group of women I’ve never met?” I panicked! Sure, I know we’re supposed to love ourselves, [..] read more

Magic Make-Up Remover!

Oh my goodness! I just found the most incredible product! You all know I don’t really talk about make-up or cosmetics very often, (clothing is my true specialty.) But I just had to share this!!! Have you heard of the MakeUp Eraser? The name pretty much says it all…it’s a micro-fiber cloth that, you guessed it (lol), erases your make-up. With-just-water! (The physics behind it is actually pretty fascinating.) I’m seriously excited about this and just ordered it! I use Neutrogena (well the King Sooper copy cat brand) of eye make-up remover, and while it works fine, it’s a pain [..] read more

What It’s Like to Shop With An Image Consultant

I’m so excited to be out shopping…in stores, again!!! Yesterday was my first client-shopping trip since the covid-19 lockdown. Originally, I was going to tell you all about it, but then I thought you might be more interested in hearing what shopping with me is like from my client Jo Mattoon. So I decided to interview Jo and here is that interview: Dana Lynch: Jo, you told me you were extremely nervous before our first shopping trip. Can you tell us why and a bit more about that? Jo Mattoon: I was so nervous! I remember sitting in my car [..] read more