How to Wear Wide Leg Cropped Pants

Wide leg cropped pants aren’t new for 2022, but they’re finally a prevailing style and widely available—finally. Here’s how to wear them for your very best look!  The first thing to know here… “cropped” in the term “wide leg cropped” seems to mean very different things to designers and manufacturers.  I’m finding with most of my clients, except those with really long legs, the “cropped” pants are a little too long.  To be most flattering, wide leg cropped pants need to be cropped, not ankle length, at the top of your foot or capri (which is mid-calf.)  Just click each [..] read more

Are Your Clothes in Style?

Are your clothes in style? How can you tell if your clothes, hair and make-up are up to date? This is a great question a blog reader asked when she was reading the latest blog post, 7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look.  She went on to add in her comment, “I am not usually trendy but want to be up to date for my age and circumstances…” As I read her question and comment, I was kind of surprised I’d never tackled the subject before, but… Here’s the thing…it’s kind of hard, and it’s even harder for me to [..] read more

Summer Work Dresses For Your Body Type

Wearing summer work dresses in the season of heat is one of the easiest, most comfortable ways to take the stress out of getting dressed! They’re cool, comfortable and let’s not forget…it’s only 1 piece to worry about. Of course, you’ll probably want a jacket for important meetings and arctic air conditioning, but still…with a summer work dress, you can get dressed in a snap! Sooo…you may be thinking, “Um Dana, I’m still working from home…not gonna wear a dress.” If that’s you, you’ll be happy to know I rounded up dresses in simple styles that can be dressed up [..] read more

My Top 6 2022 Spring Trends

It’s here…My annual, 2022 spring trends report is back!  I know everyone’s been working from home for a while…ok, quite a while…and you don’t think you need anything.  Well, I have 2 schools of thought on that:  Something new for spring in a fun color, hint-hint, can be the shot in the arm you need that’s going to make you feel AMAZING!  Even if you have your screen turned off for all of your meetings, you have other things going on in your life. And don’t you want to feel fresh for those?  Ok! All done there! Now I want [..] read more

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas + Formulas

Thanksgiving! Do you know what you’re wearing for your turkey (or tofurky) eating fest? No?  No worries… I gotcha covered with 3 Thanksgiving outfit ideas. (Well actually there are 6, but you’ll see.) No matter where you’re eating this year, you’ll know what to wear. Even if you just want to be super chill and don’t really want to wear an “outfit.” You can definitely click through and buy the clothes, but I’m also hoping these ideas get your outfit creating juices flowing, so you can shop your own closet. To make this easier for ya, there’s an outfit formula [..] read more