Busting The Myth About Petite Sizes

Let’s take a dive into the Myth Pool, and bust it wide open! 

Myth: Petite is a size.

Listen in on a recent conversation I had…

Me: Do you wear petite sizes?

Client: Oh no, I wear a size 14. I’m not petite at all!

Me: How tall did you say you were?

Client: 5’1”, well ok, I’m almost 5’1”.

Me: Um, yeah…let’s talk about that…

Petite isn’t a size; it’s a proportion. (Okay, so in French, “petite” means small, but we’re not in France today 😜)

If you’re under 5’4”, you ARE a Petite, no matter what size you wear…

Let me say it again…You can wear size 2 or 22, but if you’re under 5’4” tall, you’re petite. 

Two professionally dressed women standing next to each other, one petite and one tall.

Imagine finding clothes that fit like they were tailor-made for you, without setting foot in a tailor's shop. If you're nodding and thinking, "Yes, please!" then you’re probably under 5’4” and haven’t discovered the magic of petite proportions yet. 

So many women think petite clothing is just shorter than missy sizes. But did you know there are 9 key measurements that are different? 

9 Key Petite Measurements:

-Shorter length

-Shorter rise

-Shorter arms (no more rolling up those sleeves!)

-Shorter armholes

-Shorter shoulder-to-waist proportion, including adjusted jacket stance and neckline (aka no more awkward low v-necks at work)

-Smaller collars and lapels

-Narrower shoulders

-Higher knee placement

-Higher elbow placement

Crazy, right? Buying petite sizes can save you a lot of money on alterations. AND you’ll look more proportionate, polished, and professional whether you dress formally or casually for work.

I’m gonna add some caveats here 

Diving into the Myth Pool has been an eye-opening journey, right? We've busted the myth that Petite is a size WIDE open.  Hopefully I’ve convinced you Petites are all about proportions, not just about being a certain size. 

Embracing your unique body shape and finding clothes that fit flawlessly isn't just empowering; it's a game-changer for your style and confidence!

So now, I'm curious, how many of you have been bypassing the petite selections because of these fallacies? 

Or maybe you're discovering you might be petite for the first time! 

Whatever your story, I'd love to hear it! And I'm always happy to answer quick questions...along with taking your suggestions for future blog posts

Don't be shy; drop me a note…I adore hearing from readers!


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