How to Not Look Seasonally Confused

Seasonally confused? You might be if you run warm. Read on to find out how you can avoid looking seasonally confused and instead be comfy and stylish all year long.   So, I’ve been working with a client lately who’s always warm. Can you relate? Yeah, me too!  With a super casual lifestyle, my client found her ultimate, cool “uniform”—pairing lightweight knit skirts with equally breezy tops.  It was all a perfect fit during the spring and summer with her sandals. But when the temps dropped, she asked for some other footwear options. I won’t lie, I had to think a [..] read more

Fall 2023 Trends You’ll Love to Wear

Fall 2023 trends are here! And I’ve got some great ones you’ll be super excited to wear. I absolutely love writing my semi-annual (spring and fall) trend reports, and in a recent survey I found out they’re your favorite thing to read here. I’ll share a secret…I haven’t bought anything yet. Well unless you count the 2 sweaters on the UPS truck to me and the pair of wide leg jeans I’m still deciding on. (Pretty sure I’m gonna take them back. ) Today I’m sharing my nine favorite fall 2023 trends, but I’ll be sharing a few more as [..] read more

Charge Your Look with Your Power Color

Power color…What’s she talking about?! Picture this… Ever walked into a BIG meeting, your suit sharp as a razor, ready to seize the day…but somehow the day seizes you instead? Did you know your clothing choices, especially color, might’ve  played a role? What?! 🤯 Color is so much more than just eye candy! It influences our emotions, reactions, and even decision-making abilities. There’s truth in the phrases we use to describe our moods/emotions…feeling blue, seeing red, green with envy, and so on. Now imagine channeling this power for your next board meeting or job interview.  Here’s a peek at how different colors can [..] read more

How to Edit Your Closet

Recently when I asked what your most burning question around your wardrobe is, the most common answer I received revolved around how to edit your closet. Editing closets, including my own has become second nature to me, but before I actually started my image consulting career and training, it never occurred to me to go through my closet. I had a lot of clothes, many things I loved, but getting dressed was hard! And I didn’t mix and match nearly as much as I could have if my closet were well edited and my wardrobe made sense. So today we [..] read more

A Denver Personal Stylist’s Picks

As a Denver personal stylist, I know you probably don’t like shopping. You’re a busy professional, and when you have some free time, you’d rather spend it outdoors or with family and friends. But you know how crucial your image is to your professional success…Wouldn’t it be great to know the great pieces other women have already tested? Clothes and shoes that’ll go the distance…they’re not weird, tricky or hard to fit? Well you’re in luck! Even I love finding out what styles other women love. So today I’m sharing pieces that I’ve worn or my clients love, and I [..] read more