4 Things stylists do that you don’t

  I should start by saying I truly don’t mean for the title of this blog to sound as snarky as it does, (which is why I added the “probably” in.) However, I have to say I sort of “borrowed” the title from another blog, because even though I’m a personal stylist, (and wardrobe/image consultant,) I am a total sucker for “warnings” like this. U was intrigued enough to click through and find some great info. While the “rules” I’m outlining below aren’t necessarily new, they’re a good reminder to us all…even me! 4 Things stylists do that you don’t [..] read more

These boots are made for walkin’

Now that the fall winds are blowing, and the days are much shorter, it’s time to trade in our open toe shoes for fabulous, fall boots! Here are the best styles of the season to update your boot wardrobe. Boots are too casual for traditional, formal skirt suits, but they work perfectly under a pantsuit (if they’re dressy enough.) And they’re perfect for most business casual looks, and fabulous for casual after hours wear. Booties (a.k.a. ankle boots) Booties are nothing new but continue to trend stronger than ever. Looking for something new to add to your collection? Try a [..] read more

Keep your professional and financial goals on track

  Recently I was a guest blogger for my good friend and financial planner extraordinaire, Kristi Sullivan from Sullivan Financial Planning, www.sullivanfinancialplanning.com.  Kristi posed several questions to me about how to “look fabulous while keeping your financial goals on track.” My answers might surprise some, but after working as an image and wardrobe consultant for over 12 years, I stick by these methods, especially for professionals dressing for work every day in a wide variety of environments. Q: What are fashion purchases that should be avoided because they are usually a waste of money? Dana: The biggest waste of money is [..] read more

How to wear wide legged pants-fall 2016

After being in the shadows of slim leg and skinny pants for several years, wide leg pants are back in fashion with a vengeance for fall 2016! Here are just a few reasons you should be happy wide legged pants are finally in style again: Wide legged pants balance your figure if you have a large bust or wide shoulders. They provide a little extra room in the thighs for your athletic legs or pear shaped figure. And best of all…wide legged and flared pants can make your legs look a mile long! Another reason to love the wide legged pant [..] read more