How to wear sapphires for professional dress

For the next installment of our birthstone series, the September birthstone, sapphire! Accessorizing, especially wearing jewelry is crucial for a professional image. Luckily, whether you prefer fine jewelry or costume jewelry, there are many beautiful choices to enhance your look and help you feel pulled together. If you prefer fine jewelry, wearing your birthstone can be a lot of fun in addition to being powerful. Sapphire is an easy gemstone to wear for professional dress, because navy is a common neutral color for suiting, and in general lots of people like blue. Truly, a blue sapphire (more on that coming [..] read more

What to wear for a political debate

What should the first female presidential candidate for a major political party wear to the first televised debate? Exactly what Hillary Clinton wore last night. As the debate approached I wondered what Hillary would wear to put herself in the very best light. It’s no secret her attire has been under public scrutiny for years, and I was curious if she’d mix it up a little. No, no big “costume” change, but I believe her strategic dress last night was exactly what she needed for her goals. Typically, men in the political arena wear dark suits with white shirt’s and [..] read more

The cardigan: to wear or not to wear

As a wardrobe consultant specializing in professional dress, let me start this post by saying, I like cardigans. They’re soft; they’re warm; they’re cozy! And let’s face it; they’re a lot more comfortable than tailored jackets. But all of those wonderful qualities are the problem. Cardigans are the opposite of a jacket. They’re un-tailored! Tailored…un–tailored…I’m sure you’re thinking, so what! I specialize in helping my clients make the best choices of clothing to send out the best non-verbal messages possible for every occasion and goal they have. (I have extensive training in non-verbal communication relating to clothing and image. It’s what [..] read more

Transition your fall wardrobe with color

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but fall is the very hardest season for me. Most days aren’t cool enough yet for a winter sweater, yet we get this feeling simply because the calendar says “fall” and “back-to-school” that it’s too late to wear clothes in spring colors that are most likely the perfect weight. But never fear! As a professional, wardrobe and image consultant, I’ve found a solution! First, it’s important to have plenty of basics in 3 season fabrics. And second, include a few lightweight pieces in fall colors. In other words, transition your wardrobe into fall [..] read more

An Image Consultant’s Fall Trend Report 2016

Even though so many bloggers and personal stylists are deeming the season’s fashion as “maximal” and “hectic,” there are some fantastic gems to add into your professional wardrobe if you’re seeking an update. I’ve distilled all of my resources and have found plenty of great finds to recommend. Of course, these aren’t the only trends out there…I’ll dive deeper into specific trends as the season wears (pun intended!) on. Plaid: I’m not a product of parochial school, but I still seem to associate plaid with my childhood…it takes a pretty unique piece for me to get on board, (but that’s [..] read more