How to choose peridot for a professional wardrobe

Up next in my monthly series about birthstone jewelry for professional dress, is Peridot. The August birthstone, my birthstone, is peridot. There’s certainly no rule that I know of that says you can’t wear peridot if August isn’t your birthday month! I remember being disappointed to find out peridot was my birthstone when I was a little girl…I didn’t like it. In fact, I didn’t like green at all even into my ‘20’s. Now I love it, especially yellow-green/lime green! (Just check out my top in my headshot above!) Here are a few tips on how you can enhance your [..] read more

Professional Image FAQ’s-hair, make-up, grooming…

Today’s post is Part 2 to “Image consultant frequently asked professional dress questions.” Today I answer frequently asked questions about hair, make-up, nails, etc. for the very most successful, professional image. Hang on tight!! Several of these points are pretty controversial. You might not really like my answers, but the fact of the matter is, I give advice—you always have the will to do what makes you happiest, what makes you feel like you! As a Denver image consultant specializing in professional dress, I certainly have experience with all aspects of image. If you feel like you want some extra help [..] read more

Image consultant frequently asked professional dress questions

I’m originally from Missouri, the show me state. As a result, I always want to know the reason why or why I’m not supposed to be doing something. I’ve found this holds with professional dress. Not only does it make the “fashion rule” easier to remember, but also knowing why it’s important helps you know when to break it! Before I started working as an image consultant, I was in corporate (after many years of being in the fashion world.) Once when one of my employers changed the dress code, it wasn’t very well defined, but the one rule that was [..] read more

An easy way to create outfits

As a wardrobe consultant, I’ve had extensive training on everything design, wardrobe and clothing related. Before I started learning the theory and principles of what goes into great looks, I learned a lot from my stylish mom. BUT…the biggest lessons I’ve learned, especially about shopping strategically, have come from my own MISTAKES. Yep, you heard it here… even a wardrobe expert isn’t perfect with her own domain. Originally, I thought I’d make a list of a few ways to create more outfits in your closet, but I got to thinking that it would make more impact if I write a [..] read more