How to choose rubies for a professional wardrobe

Just in under the wire here as we come close to the end of July, but here is the next in my birthstone series…RUBIES! With its deep red color and brilliance, rubies would make a great addition to any professional or formal wardrobe. You choose the style and piece of jewelry! I recommend more simply set rubies to wear with your professional wardrobe for day. Save the more delicate and intricate pieces for going out. For example, I met a woman tonight at a networking event who was “dripping in rubies.” Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it was [..] read more

A simple tip for taking the stress out of getting dressed

To truly have a wardrobe that let’s you get dressed without any stress, you need to be able to open your every day and be able to pull out any item and wear it at a moments notice. Doesn’t that make sense? Why would you want clothes in your closet that you can’t wear? Here’s the thing—getting dressed can be stressful enough for most women. When you don’t have to qualify the pieces before deciding whether to wear them or not, you’ve taken a big part of the stress out of the equation. There are a lot of factors that [..] read more

6 Style Tips for Short Waisted Women

Quite honestly, before I took my initial image consulting training, I was simply clueless about the term “short waisted.” What was even crazier was that my mom, who had taught me tons about style, used it all the time! But once I was able to understand it…a whole new world of dressing opened up! I’ll also admit that learning how to dress for this body type and lengthen my own short torso helped me feel better about my sometimes-chubby middle. This post explains how to determine if you’re short waisted, or you have a short torso and longer legs; or [..] read more

How to make your short legs look longer

Now that you’ve determined you have a long torso and short legs, I want to talk about how to look taller and slimmer. It’s all about creating optical illusions, the magic of fashion! Although there are countless possibilities for flattering styles, I’ve had many clients and readers tell me that fewer options are easier to keep in mind when they’re out shopping. So today I’m offering up 7 stylish solutions for balancing your figure vertically, so you can get dressed with ease. Here are styles to look for and avoid with tips for styling them. I’m also giving simple explanations [..] read more

Determining your body’s vertical balance

We spend a lot of time learning how to dress for our body types. As a whole, this information has to do with balancing your body horizontally; however, it’s just as important to balance your figure vertically…in other words, dressing a short torso or a long torso. In my many years as a Denver image consultant, I’ve seen very few women who have the perfect vertical proportion. Most women either have a short torso with long legs or a long torso with shorter legs. For the very most flattering, slimming look, it’s just as important to dress your body vertically as it [..] read more