What to Wear to Work-Spring 2016

Now that the season is officially here on the calendar, I bring you the much-awaited annual 2016 Spring Trend Report! Since I always aim to take the stress out of getting dressed, I’m only highlighting a fraction of the many, many trends available to you this spring. And to simplify even further, we’ll narrow our discussion to only trends I recommend for professional dress along with a few tips to on how to wear the styles. So yes, I’ve mentioned the word “trend” several times already, but I urge you to interpret the word as “stylish.” Sure, it can be [..] read more

Pearl Jewelry Trend Spring 2016

Pearls are certainly a classic in the jewelry world, but modern pearls are enjoying a trend revival in the fashion world for spring 2016. Before you dive into your jewelry box and pull out your grandmother’s pearls or the 16” strand you wore in your best friend’s wedding, take heed. The most professional way to wear pearls it to look for updated styles (which are still plenty professional) or combine your pearls with other jewelry to show your creativity and savvy. Statement chokers Definitely not your ‘90’s choker, pearl collars create the perfect focal point inside blouse collars at the [..] read more

Spring Accessories for Professional Dress

Accessories are often the cornerstones of a professional look. Leave them off, and you risk looking like you forgot them. Wear the right accessories, and you send out the non-verbal message that you take care of all of the details. And of course, when well accessorized,  your outfit leaps into a whole other realm of fabulousness. And that leaves you to feel confident and turn your attention to the job at hand. Another big point I’d like to make is that most of us can’t afford (or even want) an entire new wardrobe every single season. Accessories are often just [..] read more

Professional Shoe trends Spring 2016

Each spring and fall I write seasonal trend reports and often separate out shoes and accessories. The latter reports usually come after the main report, but this year, because shoes seem to be what women love best, I’m bringing you the spring shoe report FIRST! Overall, spring fashion for 2016 includes almost every trend under the sun. It can be a little overwhelming, so I’ll focus on styles you can start to wear now and ones that are extra office appropriate, too! You’ll be able to realize a low cost per wear on any of these styles. Silver  Even though [..] read more