Shopping your closet gone wrong

Huh? Okay, what I mean by this is as you get dressed each day, really ask yourself, “how much do I really like this outfit/item.” Consider this familiar scenario. (Yes, even I’ve been there.) As you were getting dressed for work, you shopped your closet and came up with a “new” outfit. You put it on, but something wasn’t quite right. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to change clothes. When this happens to you, I encourage you to continue to notice how you feel in the clothes all day long. Then when you’re changing out of the clothes at the end of your [..] read more

Do you love your wardrobe?

One of the things I emphasize to my friends and clients is that it is crucial that you love each and every item in your wardrobe. How can you love your wardrobe if you don’t love everything in it? If “love” seems a little extreme and you’d rather save it for your husband, family and friends, how about replacing “love” with “thrilled”? Can you imagine getting ready for work every morning, (or wherever you’re going,) and opening your closet and instead of groaning, you looked inside and were thrilled as all get out at what was inside? What would it [..] read more

Wearing Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone, the go-to authority on color trends, has named Rose Quartz as one of the “it” colors for the year 2016. It is light to mid-toned pink that many consider a dreaded pastel. But I kind of see it as a really fresh trend. It’s simply a matter of knowing how to wear this pale hue without looking childish or losing your power. Here’s a little inspiration on how to inject the color of the 2016 into your winter wardrobe. And note—don’t worry about looking for an exact match of said Rose Quartz. Designers interpret Rose Quartz, a very soft, [..] read more

Dressing for Your Body Type-Stop Hiding

Contrary to popular belief, no woman is perfect. Nor is there a woman out there who is completely flawed. Dressing to be your most beautiful is simply a matter of downplaying the parts of your body you’re not so crazy about and emphasizing the parts you love. More often than not, women are mostly interested in concealing their “flaws.” Today I’d like to talk about emphasizing the areas of your body that you love. Dressing to celebrate yourself instead of just covering everything up can help you see yourself in a whole new light. You’ll see an increase in your [..] read more