7 Style Boosters- Shopping your Closet

You may feel like you’ve worn all of your newer fall and winter clothes over and over all ready. And while it’s fun and feels great to get new things, there’s a lot to be said for shopping your closet and making the most of what you already have. As a wardrobe consultant, I love helping women discover “new” outfits in their closets with well loved pieces. Here are some common basics you may have forgotten about along with some new ideas of how to wear them. Striped Piece This can be a top or skirt. Or it can even [..] read more

Super Bowl Party Bound? What to wear

Go Broncos! If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a fair weather football fan (of all spectator sports, actually.) I am clearly in the minority here in Denver. Even though, and it’s embarrassing to admit, I don’t 100% understand the rules of football, I’m excited about the Super Bowl, and am kinda hoping for a Super Bowl Party invite. And that leads me to wondering what I’d wear for that party. If you want to root on the Orange and Blue, a.k.a. the Denver Broncos, on February 7 in fashion, but aren’t quite sure you want to [..] read more

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Style In 2016

Yep, I’m still on the New Year New You/Style Goal/Resolution Bandwagon. Why not? As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I’m feeling great about 2016 and am passionate about helping you make it your best year ever. So reinvention…sounds big, a little scary, right? Quite honestly, it’s just a buzzword. Your style reinvention can be subtle or bold. Either way, changing up your style can completely change the way you feel! As an image and wardrobe consultant, I guide my clients through their reinventions. The main thing I can tell you is once they make even a subtle change, no [..] read more

Golden Globes 2016 Best and Worst Styles

I’m honestly not quite sure if I’ve ever done a review of red carpet style, but while I was watching the Golden Globes last night, I got a wild hair and started making a few notes. As an image professional and personal stylist, and in an attempt to not come off too catty, I’ve added a little objectivity, so you’ll be able to learn why the dresses work and don’t work. Best DressedJaime Alexander I seriously cannot find a single flaw with Jaime Alexander’s Golden Globe look! The gorgeous, emerald green, jacquard gown is both “princess” and modern. It both flattered her [..] read more

Style Goal Setting, Part Deux

In my last post, along with some confession, I talked about my own style goals for 2016. Hopefully, it inspired you and sparked some ideas for your goals. Of course, I know everyone has very individualized personal style and needs, so I thought I would offer up a few more ideas and questions that might help you formulate your own objectives. Style Thoughts to Ponder -Do you have any significant career changes happening in your life? For example, one of my clients, who is a mother of 3 and was a fitness instructor for 24 years, has retired from the [..] read more