Style tips on how to wear a denim jacket

I’ll just come out and say it. I know jeans jackets aren’t anything new,  and they’ve become a basic in any wardrobe, but I am over the moon about my new Jag jacket I recently bought at Irresistibles! Actually the denim jackets’ popularity for women gained traction in the ’50’s when Marilyn Monroe wore one in a photo shoot, and since has become a timeless style. My new jacket certainly isn’t my first and probably won’t be my last…so why am I so gaga about this particular one? Well, it’s the first one that fits really well and is super-duper [..] read more

Fall 2015 Color Trends for your Wardrobe

Pantone is an organization that has been forecasting each season’s color trends for all things design for over 50 years! I especially love this year’s colors. Below is a guide to how you can make this forecast work for your wardrobe. What’s interesting is that with the above palette, you can create many different color schemes:  Neutral color schemes, i.e. Stormy Weather/Oak Buff/Marsala Neutral and accent color schemes, i.e. Stormy Weather/Cadmium Orange Monochromatic color schemes, i.e. Reflecting Pond/Biscay Bay Color blocking, i.e. Cadmium Orange/Amethyst Orchid Marsala: Marsala has been awarded with the title of “Color of the Year”. (Quite honestly, [..] read more

Denver Image Consultant’s Fall Trends

It’s here! My much awaited fall trend report. While I didn’t find a lot that was outrageously new, I’m happy to report there are lots of looks that are super work friendly. So today, I’m sharing my favorite fall 2015 trends worthy of adding to your professional wardrobe along with a few more that are strictly for off hours. (Sure, you spend most of your money on work clothes, but none of us work 24/7 and we all love just a little freshness!) Today is an overview. I’ll be adding and expanding on the trends including color, accessories and shoes [..] read more