How to dress for casual Friday

Long before I started Elements of Image and was living in Orange County, CA, I remember walking into a professional office and reading a sign that left me with my mouth hanging wide open. “Please excuse our appearance. Today is casual Friday.” It gave me the impression that their employees’ comfort was more important than the client or potential clients’ impression of the company and its employees. Sure it’s easy to dress casually. You usually don’t have to put much thought into what you’re wearing on a Saturday while you’re running errands. You’re usually not too worried about who you [..] read more

Accessories for your wardrobe capsule

This is the fourth of a 4 part series on creating a capsule wardrobe starting with a 2 piece dress. So far we’ve looked at expanding your wardrobe with the skirt and then went on to look at all of the possibilities with a pair of pants. Knowing that accessories can often be the hardest part of creating outfits, I explained how I chose the accessories for cocktail looks and formal business combinations. Here we’ll look at choosing the accessories for business casual and casual the looks. Business Casual For this business casual look with a jacket, I decided to [..] read more

How to accessorize a mix & match wardrobe

You may or may not know this about me, but for a long period of time, I barely accessorized. Somehow, I had this crazy notion that jewelry was something I received from others as gifts (which really wasn’t the truth, except for a few pieces from my parents and friends.) Needless to say, I was under-accessorized! It wasn’t until I was preparing to take my first image consulting training class, where I had a feeling our outfits would be under scrutiny, did I start to realize the importance of choosing accessories including jewelry, shoes, and scarves. Accessories are absolutely crucial [..] read more

How to Create a Mix and Match Capsule

In my last post about expanding your wardrobe with a 2 piece dress, I showed quite a few mix and match possibilities starting with a matching coral top and skirt. In this post, I’ll show the various options using the top and a pair of coral pants. Since coral is one of my favorite summer hues, I already had all of the pieces except the 2 new ones. One big, important thing for you to know…I’m a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. I am NOT a professional model or fashion blogger! (And this blog isn’t suddenly going to become a [..] read more

Expanding your wardrobe with a 2 piece dress

The inspiration for this post came from the two piece dress I recently bought for the APW 30th Anniversary party I helped host on June 25. The moment I saw the 2 pieces hanging in the fitting room, (a salesperson found them for me…for once!) I instantly began to see the many, many possibilities for both the top and bottom. Then when I tried the two pieces on together as a dress, I was absolutely thrilled! First off, this Nicole Miller “dress” is pure genius! You simply can’t tell it’s a dress when it’s on and adjusted properly. (It’s necessary [..] read more