Singing the praises of the surplice top

I just recently purchased my first surplice blouse with a draped front. While the style has been popular for a couple of years, I don’t know what took me so long to get one. I love it!   Surplice basics by danalynch featuring v-neck shirts Surplice tops of all types are quite flattering to many women, but I’m specifically referring to ones that have a little fullness at the bottom in the front, like the ones pictured. (I own the one above in off-white.) I’ve had clients buy these a several times and am absolutely convinced they’re great for almost [..] read more

Clothing care tips to make clothes last

I’m of the school of believing your clothing is an investment and that proper care can keep your “investment” looking it’s best giving you a great ROI. ROI? Well actually I’m talking about a much lower cost per wear…the measure of your wardrobe’s value. Although it’s a law that manufacturers must include a care label on all garments, here are a few tips and tricks to help your clothes look great and last longer. Dry clean your clothes less often than you think they may need it. Dry cleaning is quite hard on clothes and shortens their life. If a [..] read more

Making the case for a tailored summer suit

As an image consultant and personal stylist specializing in professional dress, I can’t help but be uber aware of how casual Denver has gotten with clothing for the office and “off-duty.” Most of my clients wear business casual, but it’s definitely a great idea to “suit” up once in a while. Here are a few client examples that prove that having a tailored suit or tailored, dressy coordinated pants/skirt and jacket for spring and summer can be indispensable in your wardrobe. (All client names have been changed to protect privacy.) Margaret is an attorney who was recently recruited as a [..] read more